the children of hades and persephone pt. 2 (characters)

these are some individual character ideas for my children of the greek gods and goddesses project.
♦ talullah reid, a fashion designer.
♦ alaska cook, a model.
♦ rafael thomas, a tattoo artist.
♦ august freeman, a student.
♦ tobias ray, a musician.
♦ gavin moore, a florist.
♦ millie carter, a student.
♦ mikko linden, an artist.
♦ lola rose, an historian.
♦ frances gardner, a vigilante.
♦ derek caine, a mortician.

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Wrote 9 months ago
Nice collection I'm doing sets similar to this you check it out sometime

Wrote one year ago
*football voice* GO TALLULAH YEAH


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