the children of the muses pt. 2 (characters)

these are some individual character ideas for my children of the greek gods and goddesses project.

♦ penelope wright, a model who frequently poses for art classes.
♦ genevieve beaumont, a fashion designer for a major clothing company.
♦ josephine guerrero, a dancer at a club for women.
♦ juliet eldridge, an artist who mostly works with sculptures, paints, and 3d art on dresses and other clothing.
♦ veronica song, a computer scientist.
♦ meredith baxter, an actress.
♦ camilla towne, a musician and art collector.
♦ adelaide deaton, an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses, creates street art in her free time.
♦ catherine bali, a biologist and part-time professor in biology.
♦ annalise winter, famous vlogger and fashion writer.
♦ sabrina knowles, a songwriter who has written for many famous musicians and groups.

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