the children of poseidon and amphitrite pt. 2 (characters)

these are some individual character ideas for my children of the greek gods and goddesses project.

♦ emily parrish, a real estate agent in florida.
♦ garrett o'grady, a captain in the navy.
♦ teagan riker, a marine biologist.
♦ misty ziegler, an artist whose work mainly features the ocean and marine animals, part-time scuba instructor.
♦ ford hatcher, a photographer whose work is mainly the ocean, rain, and abandoned buildings.
♦ dylan & morgan archer, professional swimmers.
♦ wyatt daniels, owner of a major shipping corporation.
♦ quinn garcia, owns a horse ranch near the beach.
♦ kimi nakama, a dancer and synchronized swimmer.
♦ gretchen lamb, an oceanographer and author (varying from oceanography textbooks to novels with ocean themes)
♦ gray abram, founder of a large fishing company with locatiaons across the globe.

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