the children of zeus & hera pt. 2 (characters)

these are some individual character ideas for my children of the greek gods and goddesses project.
♦ wesley farris, a warden at a women's prison.
♦ keaton drew, a neonatal nurse.
♦ bronte davis, a professional athlete.
♦ quentin colburn, a meteorologist who lives in the mountains.
♦ phoebe vale, an astronomy student.
♦ grayson keyes, owns a store that sells herbs, candles, tapestries, etc. (geared towards wiccans, pagans, etc)
♦ yoko hoshino, a fighter pilot.
♦ declan irons, a secret agent.
♦ lani patel, an astronaut who also owns a chain of flower shops.
♦ ingrid viggo, the editor of a top fashion magazine.
♦ moses kang, freelance tour guide and body guard for the rich and famous

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