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Heres just a few fashion tips to hopefully help you on holiday:

1. Don't wear crop tops and low waisted shorts.
Reason why is the crop top, unless baggy, squeezes your stomach even if your skinny and the shorts also squeeze your stomach. So either wear a baggy crop top or high waisted shorts :)

2. If your sandals hurt in-between your toes, put a plaster on the bit of the sandal that's hurting you. Problem solved :)

3. Haven't got shorts? No problem just cut down and style a pair of old (or new) jeans to the shorts you want! :)

4. Want to wear high tops but trainer socks keep falling down? Just wear some frilly top socks instead which are only £1.50 from primark! Its cheap and looks adorable! :)

5. Shorts too big but don't want to wear a belt? Buy a handkerchief scarf from any store you can find in place of a belt :)

6. Not tanned enough but don't want your expensive tan to run off? Problem solved! Buy from superdrug or another store that sells rimmel london instant tan and glow!

7. Want a colourful summer top? Simply get a plain white top, fabric dye, rubber bands, rubber gloves, a bucket and a washing line. In the bucket pour all of your fabric dyes in and put your top in there with rubber bands that are tied onto the top creating little balls. Wait 30 minutes to and hour until the top is very colourful. Undo the rubber bands and place on a washing line to dry! Simple :)

Hope these will help you! Got a problem just ask by commenting and i will reply:) 

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