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Jimmy's point of veiw

As I waited foe her plane I try to think back on my life. I had never beenthe star athelete or the guy that got everything. I had my camera,my car,my Chloe and was happy. I had a great Job that I was really good at. My pictures were being noticed,I lived in New York in a great apartment. My beautiful wife was pregnant with our first child, a boy. And yet I was at JFK waiting for another woman to get off a plane so I could take her to a hotel in the country. 
Jessica was different than Chloe. Nowhere near better but I did love her. And my screw up cost her everything. Chloe was trying to be strong and still I knew shed be crying and dying in Olivers arms by tonight. I got up early and bought the maroon 5 cd and downloaded it to her ipod. I knew it wouldnt make things better but..I had to try. She was going to Boston for a few days with Oliver. She said she couldnt be in that apartment alone again. My mom and brother refused to talk to me so the only reason I brought my phone was to call Chloe. 
Just then I saw Jess and as much as it hurt my heart I was smiling.
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