Plot;; girl and boy had dated all through high school. they were the perfect couple. that is, until the last week. girl had walked in on boy undressing her best friend. yep, her best friend. ever since their graduation, girl has avoided everything to do with boy. It was going pretty well until girl went to college, which just happened to be the very same college boy was attending. there weren't enough dorms though so they were forced to share a dorm with each other. they weren't told though, no. how they found out was girl was changing in the bathroom, and boy came into the dorm for the first time. and, yes you guessed it, walked in on girl changing. girl has so many emotions towards him once they both realize who they are. after a few weeks, one night boy really tries to talk to girl, to explain himself. very slowly they start to fall in love again, just like old times. what happens?

Me;; Cristine Prosperi
You;; Keaton Stromberg

I'll start @ bluebird10
Cristine smiled softly as she made her way up to keaton's door. he had told her that she didn't have to knock anymore and yeah she was a few hours early, but that didn't really matter. well, she didn't think that it was at least. she lifted her bag over her shoulder and went inside. she bit her lip, looking around and not seeing keaton. she frowned and headed upstairs. she went into his room. "hey keat-." she froze as she saw keaton, naked already and her best friend, Lilly with her top off and he was unbuttoning her shorts. she stood completely still before her eyes started filling with tears. she dropped an envelope on the ground before running out in tears, grabbing her things and getting in the car, speeding off. the envelope was a card that was explaining how much she loved them as it was their one year anniversary. she had also gotten him the snapback he had been asking for which was also on the ground.
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