Dinah had screamed and almost killed me. I could not understand what could make a person do that? Di and I had our disaggreements but she snapped over my weight. This time everyone was on my side and yet I felt all alone. We were supposed to go out with Amy and Scotty tonight but I didnt feel like doing anything but sleep. Jimmy took care of Connor and I went into a restless sleep.

It had been three months since I went with Lex Luthor. The killings were not stopping and after Bruce we all were scared. Three months ago Lex gave me an ultasmatuim. I could leave my life with Jimmy and be with him or he would continue killing. He showed me tools of how he could kill Ollie,Clark,Dinah,even Jimmy. I had no choice. So three months ago my life bacame hell on earth.
I moved back to New York to the Luthor mansion. I refused to take Connor knowing he was safer with Jimmy even if being away hurt. Jimmy and I were "going through a seperation" waiting for the divorce papers to clear, even if I didnt think I could sign them.
Lex treated me like a princess though. He bought me everything and it had to be the best. To the world we were happy always smiling to the press but I barely spoke when we were alone. He had promised I could go see Connor this weekend. I waited at the window until I saw Lex pull up.
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