Chloe 'Stacy' snake ring - Chloé
  • Cindy Dennis Mangan The Princess & The Python Ring (Gold Plated)
    Sterling silver ring with 18ct yellow gold plating (also available with rhodium plating, see separate listing). The ring appears delicate but actually has incredible inherent strength as a single cast, hand finished piece. Inspired by a fairy-tale that I wrote about a princess who wanted the freedom to choose her future, but the king and queen wanted her to get married and kept presenting princes for her to choose from. She did not fall love with any of them, but one night an evil price stole her and hid her away in his cave because at night he turned into a python. When her true love arrived to save her and give her her freedom of choice back, as he took her from the python's grip he tore some of the snake's skin and wrapped it around her finger and it turned to gold. The python scale motif of the ring represents the co-existence of strength and fragility in nature, and in our relationships, and how true love brings us freedom, strength, and restoration.
  • Elizabeth and James White Topaz & Ruby Coiled Double Python Ring
    From the Signature Collection. Sparkling with a hint of white topaz and rubies, this modern-chic snake ring will coil around your finger for an effortlessly glamorous look. Ruby. White topaz. 22k goldplated. Size, about 0.5". Imported.
  • Adina by Adina Reyter Snake Ring
    Brass. Ring has 2 coils.
  • ASOS Vintage Style Snake Ring
    Ring by ASOS Collection Snake design with faceted glass eyes. Set on a textured shank. Sliver-tone finish.
  • ASOS Vintage Style Snake Ring
    Ring by ASOS Collection Textured snake design. Jewel embellished eyes. Set on a slim-cut shank. Antiqued, gold-tone finish.