two tips in one day, i'm on FIRE!
DISCLAIMER: the above picture is not mine, but the recipe is!!

--cocoa powder (i used hershey)
--powdered sugar
--half and half
--chocolate chips
--graham crackers
--double boiler (if you don't have one of these, a regular pot and glass bowl small enough to fit inside the pot will work)
--wax paper
--baking pan
total cooking/preparing time: 15-20 minutes

step O1: place water in pot to boil. if you're not using a double boiler, make sure the glass bowl DOESN'T get wet when placed inside the pot. keep it out until the water is boiling.

step O1.5: rip a piece of wax paper big enough to cover your baking pan and set aside.

step O2: while water gets to boiling, mix equal amounts powdered sugar and cocoa into second pot/glass bowl. i really just sort of did this by sight; if it makes you feel better, using a measuring spoon. add a small handful of chocolate chips.

step O2.5: break up your graham crackers BEFORE you begin cooking the sauce. i did it where i broke along the perforated lines so in the end i had 8 pieces from one cracker. if you're going to use these for s'mores, simply break the crackers in half. i then set them on the wax paper.

step O3: when water boils, take a tablespoon or so of water and put it in the bowl with your cocoa, sugar, and chocolate chips. then place pot/bowl on top of other pot, and turn the water down to medium! if you're using the glass bowl, it's ok now if the bottom gets wet. remember, glass gets HOT!

step O4: get to whisking! pressing the chocolate chips down helps them to melt.

step O5: as you whisk, add some half and half. again, i just did this by site. add enough so the sauce isn't liquidy, but sort of creamy.

step O6: if you want the sauce to be sweeter, add powdered sugar as needed.

step O7: once the chocolate sauce is entirely mixed and melted, turn off the burner and let the sauce sit for about 30 seconds. then take bowl/pot and place on counter/stove/hot pad. whisk.

step O8: once the sauce has cooled a little, take a piece of cracker and simply drop it into the sauce. pick the cracker up and set the NON-CHOCOLATE side on wax paper. if you need, move the cracker around a little in the sauce to ensure it's evenly covered.

step O9: after you've finished dipping your crackers, place the baking pan in your freezer. let the crackers cool for about 10 minutes. when the chocolate is relatively hardened, it will get a sort of matte look to it.

step 1O: eat whenever and however! if you're using these for s'mores, you can either make s'mores the normal way, or spread some marshmallow fluff on the crackers instead.

step 11: for storage, i simply kept the crackers on the wax paper and then layered them in a tupperware. i have them in the freezer right now, so we'll see how they keep overnight!

i honestly got inspiration to try this after watching 'iron chef america', and i'm so happy with the result!
let me know how these work out!


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