Every year for my birthday, my mom would ask what kind of cake we wanted. My answer, year after year, was "Angel-food Cake." You'd think my love of sweets would have made me more creative, but nope... it HAD to be angel-food - preferably Confetti Angel-food. (I was a kid after all!) When I was looking at Pinterest last night and saw these cupcakes, it brought back such an amazing flood of memories. It made me teary eyed, but not because I was sad... it was happy tears, from some very special memories!
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Wrote two years ago
@myfavourites Thanks so much! I really appreciate your sweet comment! :)

Wrote two years ago
Amazing! So stylish!

Wrote two years ago
pretty dress..it's really a cupcake color

Wrote two years ago
@sophie-01 Thank you so much! Those cupcakes really do look amazing!! I want to make them, but I know they will look nothing like this!! :)





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