Chocolate Fudge Cone
  • Hata Ramune Soda Blueberry 6.6 oz
    Not your ordinary soda, Ramune creates interesting flavored sodas. Blueberry is one of the many delicious flavors Ramune makes. One sip from this drink and you will wish you never drank it so fast.
  • Harrods Founders Choice Coffee
    Harrods Founders Choice coffee combines the bright citrus tastes of Kenya and the mild clean fruit notes of Costa Rica with distinct nutty and chocolate roasty flavours on the finish. This coffee is a delightful experience anytime of the day.
  • Yoplait Original Mixed Berry Low Fat Yogurt, 6 oz
    Buy Yoplait Original Mixed Berry Low Fat Yogurt, 6 oz at
  • Hata Ramune Soda Watermelon 6.6 oz
    Watermelons are great to have under the sun! Watermelon soda by Ramune is great to have anytime, even in the rain. A great drink for all ages!
  • Harrods Signature Blend Coffee
    Harrods Signature Blend coffee is fantastically smooth and balanced, with light floral and berry notes at the outset with hints of jasmine blossoms. This is followed up with a sweet and creamy texture. This is coffee at its best.