Chocolate Truffles & Gourmet Chocolate truffles gift boxes available online
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  • Shop Chocolate Truffle Boxes - 80 pc Ultimate Signature Truffles
    Think of this as pure "wow factor": Eighty of our finest truffles brought together in one extraordinary gift box. This Ultimate Signature Truffles assortment takes chocolate luxury to the extreme by featuring eight unique flavor categories: decadent dark chocolates, heavenly mousses, ice cream parlor inspirations, delectable cakes, crunchy nuts, refreshing fruits, scrumptious desserts, and delicious milk chocolates. Get ready to taste pure chocolate pleasure! Includes these key pieces: Chocolate Souffle Truffle. Peach Mousse Truffle. Rocky Road Truffle. Red Velvet Cake Truffle. Pistachio Truffle. Black Forest Truffle (NEW) Creme Brulee Truffle. Salted Almond Truffle (NEW) 80 pcs. (3.5 lbs)
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