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  • Common Types Of Twinning. Questions Answered, Some Facts Theories, Explored!
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    Common Types of Twinning. Some Questions Answered! 10-2-2010 Ok, even if you aren't a twin mom, you are just a regular person, who is curious, or a pregnant mom, of multiples to be, you may be confused, as to the different types of twinning, and how to know, which you are parent to, etc, etc. Ok, most of us know there are two well-known terms for twins, every human being, pretty much knows about. #1- The most common type of twinning, Fraternal twins. (2/3 of all twins). #2- Identical twins, which make up for only 1/3 of the twin population. FRATERNAL TWINS Are also referred to as Dizygotic twins, are from 2 separate eggs, being fertilized, by two separate sperm, during the same ovulation cycle. The chances of this type of twinning, increases with age, as multiple eggs ted to develop, more commonly during a single ovulation, as a woman's age increases, especially after the age of 35, where it actually [...]
  • Madeline Book | Back to Basics Toys
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  • Minnie Mouse coloring page
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    Free printable Minnie Mouse coloring pages for kids
  • Strawberry Shortcake Big Best Coloring Book Pack of 8
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    These cute Strawberry Shortcake Big Best Coloring Books are sure to provide hours of creative fun.
  • My Page
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