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Christians on Polyvore

THINGS NOT ALLOWED IN THIS GROUP: -Smear/Political sets THINGS THAT ARE ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED -Sets that Glorify God -Sets that allow you to use the sense of creativity/style He's given you -Prayer Requests -Becoming poly-pals with one or two group members If you have prayer requests,please do share.Also,a group y'all might wanna check out it "prayer requests" headed by kandyc. PRAYER BOARD (PLEASE KEEP CHECKING!) We try to keep it to a minimum just for pure readability's sake,but if we took something down that you still want prayer for or if it never got up by mistake,send Betsy Lou Who a pm and it will be corrected ASAP. Iммa ƊƏfყ GяaѴ¡Tყ {RIP Anthony} wrote 8 days ago * Reply * View conversation (1) * Delete conversation * Block Iммa ƊƏfყ GяaѴ¡Tყ {RIP Anthony} Hello, I'm apart of your Christians on Polyvore group, and I was wondering if you are gonna start doing more contests?? I think they would be fun as i joined after the last one finished... little_lizzy97 wrote this a prayer request for your groop. i cut. arms, legs anywhere and i have depression. i think about death alot. my friends say i need to turn back to god because i dont know if i believe in him anymore. feel free to pm me anytime and plz comment on my sets ~Lizzy~
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