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ok so someone showed me this video and it really got me thinking so i'll just talk about that a bit. the video is here if you want to watch it. it's called "why i think this world should end" and it's not some stupid "ah the world is ending hurry up let's stock all of our food" video alright haha

do any of you ever think about this world? what it's come to? there's wars happening and destruction and poverty and corruption. the world is getting run down and it's only another sign that this is all going to end soon. again, i don't mean to sound like some crazy end of the world person but when you really think about it: what IS happening to this world? 

a lot of people get uncomfortable when talked to about this. the question is: when this world is gone, where are you going? heaven or hell? it sounds extremely scary but i'm not scared because i have someone who's going to save me from going to hell and that's jesus. i've been kind of shy to talk about things like this on my polyvore but i've realised that i need to stand up for what i believe in and let all of you know

heaven is real. hell is real. no matter what you believe in, those two places /are/ real. our world is getting worse and worse and soon it's not going to be here at all. haven't you noticed that the earth's only gone downhill? people depend on technology for happiness. kids don't play with toys or kick a ball anymore; they play on their special kids tablet. money is what everyone wants. people want jobs that pay good money, they don't want jobs because they really want to help people.

only love can save you from going down the path to hell and the definition of love is jesus. he loves me. he loves you. he loves everyone, even those who do wrong. and if he loves all the robbers and criminals and cheaters, imagine how much he loves you. he doesn't love us like in our favourite love song. he loves us with kindness and compassion. and if we want to be like him, we have to start changing. it might seem impossible to restore this world but we can change it little by little. the change starts with you.

if you believe in jesus, hey i'm happy for you, and if you don't, have a little think about what i just said. don't ignore it. it's real. i'm only telling you this because i don't want to see all of you gone when this world ends. i'm reassured that i'll be ok because i have my saviour. i hope you find him too because there is nothing better than him

i most likely won't reply to your comment if it's something rude or ignorant like "that stuff isn't real" "why are you talking trash" because i've only told you the truth. if this has stirred you up, that's good, because sometimes you have to question yourself and everything around you. i want you saved just as much as i want everyone else saved, so scratch that, criticise me all you like

also, i know there are a lot of people on here who believe in jesus. i want to tell you not to be ashamed to talk about him. i might even started putting bible verses in my sets too because why not? it'll be good for me and for you :-)

on a different note, one direction's new song is called "steal my girl" ah i can't believe it's that time of year when they tease us with hints for the new upcoming album, eek

- jemma

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