Christina Elleni Dr Seuss Ring size 6 1/2
    Pink resin ring from Louis Vuitton Vintage featuring gold-tone floral cut outs. From 2000. Please note that vintage items are not new and therefore might have minor imperfections.
  • Christina Elleni Sterling Silver Crown Ring
    Knuckle or finger tip rings mush fit tight to your finger or they will fall off as they don't have a knuckle to hold it on. This thin scalloped sterling silver ring makes it easy to form the shape perfectly to your finger. Measure the point of your finger where you want it to fit (with a piece of string/paper/tape measure) and I will make it to fit.
  • Dorothy Perkins Marbled Lime Dome Ring
    Gold look marbled lime dome ring SML 17mm MED 18mm LRG 19mm.
  • Christina Elleni Cityscapes Knuckle Duster Ring
    This ring has laser cut perspex city silhouettes from countries I have travelled to. Places that have left a lasting effect on my life. The Silver base is designed in a CAD program, 3D printed and cast in Sterling Silver and then finished by hand. This piece is one of 2 that I have ever made. Careful- thin parts of the perspex cityscapes can be fragile.
  • Dorothy Perkins White Flower Ring
    Gold look white flower ring with rhinestone effect detail. SML 17mm MED 18mm LRG 19mm.