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I was tagged by @cathy1965 and @lashandanista with a beautiful gift set! So here is my gift to you: I love each and every one of you!!! You all are wonderful friends and i'm so grateful to have you all in my life both here and on other social media!! you all absolutely rock!! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas celebrating with your loved ones and friends!!
1. @justjules2332
2. @cathy1965
3. @groovyhippychick
4. @kori-belle
5. @passion-fashion-2
6. @lashandanista
7. @elske88
8. @passion-fashion-2
9. @wendyfer
10. @emlibertelli
11. @eula-eldridge-tolliver
12. @tacciani
13. @renee-switzer
14. @heather-reaves
15. @mharvey
16. @girlyideas
17. @cynthia335
18. @snippins
19. @ritadolce
20. @sherry7411
21. @sheryl-lee
22. @sharmarie
23. @angiem
24. @bamaannie
24. @lois-boyce-flack
1) If you get tagged or pmed with a set from the game, it is your turn to make a gift set for at least 10 other people.

2) Make sure to tag/pm at least ten people the gift!

3) Copy the rules, to spread the game and gift giving as far as possible!

NOTE: Please, don't anyone feel required or pressured to play along. But know that I tagged you, really, just because you've made my year so full of life and pretty images that have made me genuinely happy. And if your name is not on this list, please know that I love ya all, and I just ran out of time for this set, and will hopefully get one with your name on it soon!! xoxoxo

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