CHRISTMAS GIFTS {From Imogene & Corin}

SORRRRRRRY if I miss anyone's character :8 Cause not everyone knows everyone, so they don't get gifts for /everyone/ they know, and...I've made like 5 different gift collections, so shoot me XD Plus, for the time-being, I'm more concerned with what they're getting the /young people/ rather than what they would get the other 40-somethings lol
GIFTS FROM IMOGENE/CORIN; Most of the time, Imogene buys her gits - they come at random of course, and they're new or they're used [antique more or less, or vintage - if she buys it with holes in it or broken, expect it to be fixed/refurbished] BUT if she doesn't find something for someone, she'll make something for them. Very much like Shia, she finds things from all over the place and with her kind demeanor and pretty face [lol] she's able to get certain things for a steal and revamp them to be enjoyed many years over. Corin isn't 100% talented with finding gifts for people, so Imogene tends to slap his name on some things when she gifts. Unless it has to do with weapons [mainly knives], wolves/werewolves, or leather he tends to be rather frustrated with finding gifts. She tends to buy gifts for the close friends of her children, so if you're wondering why she bought stuff for some people - that's why.


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@let-there-be-light There are more collections, but none of them are finished except this one. So the other ones will be later in the month as it goes on, from - people like Shia, Leo, etc.
But thank you :3

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AH B THESE GIFTS ARE PERFECT!! Like seriously they are all go so well with the charries!

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@nutz4lutz YAY :333

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love it!!

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@much-better-now I see Penn sort of /about/ to complain that they gave him too much stuff, but Imogene walks over to him/walks by him and pauses, whispering "If you think they're all pity gifts, I /will/ slap you." then raises a brow at him with a smirk and pats his shoulder before walking on XD

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Awww hahahaha

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@much-better-now well YAY
and haha XD I state that he bought those presents when one of the girls [Imogene, Mina, Elphie, Hadley] decided to drag him to the mall or wherever, and he just hopped-on with the theme that Imogene was going with of some things for some people haha

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I'm pretty sure you've got all of my characters done, that Imogene/Corin would buy for.
OH & I was like awww-ing through all of Corin's gifts xD

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@much-better-now well, cause that chair I think is mostly 'decorative' XD which I never found why people would make stuff like that; like decorative stools or decorative towels. Like USE THE DAMN THING XD
and thank you :3 I was like "I have to at least post /one/ of these damm things XD" so I posted the one I was pretty sure least 98% done haha

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DKALKGDSLKG I love this :D
Okay, I was like cracking up over Imogene getting Vinny a chair "he can sit in" xDDD

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@much-better-now @nutz4lutz @let-there-be-light This is early, and I know I'm missing some of the adults, but at the top I did say I was more concerned with the youngins more than the adults haha SO IF I MISSED SOMEONE I AM SORRY :(


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