Cam and Riley laugh and hold hands across the small table over dessert while Molly washes dishes with the Doctor. It's Christmas Eve and Riley has been living with the group for six months now. Cam ogles over Riley all the time and Molly thinks she's okay. Molly's biggest problem with Riley is she spends all her time with Cam-- leaving no time for Molly to spend with him. Cam decided it would be fun to share with Riley the story of when Molly tore her ACL when they were roller blading and Cam he swooped in to save the day after only a year into medical school. Apparently Molly's pain was hysterical to Riley from the way Cam was telling the horrifying story.

"Then the surgeon came out and shook my hand. He said, 'Son, without your help, this surgery could have taken another five hours. You're going to be a great doctor someday,'" Cam says while Molly mouths along after hearing the story for the ten thousandth time.

Riley gasps. "Wow, that's so amazing, Cam! Hey, do you want to go look at the starry night sky out the TARDIS door?" She asks holding Cam's arm.

"I don't know... Doctor, is that alright with you?" Cam asks spinning around in his chair.

The Doctor looks up, clearly more focused in the dishes than the conversation Cam was having. "Um, yeah. Whatever you want to do as long as it doesn't involve me moving the TARDIS is okay," The Doctor states handing Molly another dish to dry.

Gerard scurries across the counter to Molly. She giggles and feeds him one of the left over green beans on the counter. She and the Doctor smile as they watch Gerard chomp it down. "Come on, Cam! Let's go!" Riley laughs taking his hand and running toward the control room.

Their footsteps fade before either Molly or the Doctor speak again. "Wow, that's so amazing, Cam! Do you want to go somewhere more private to flirt with each other or do you want to annoy your sister even more?" Molly mocks under her breath putting some of the dishes away.

The Doctor laughs and does the same as she does. "You do realize that Cam does like Riley back and you don't have to put all the blame on Riley, right?"

Molly sighs. "I know. It's just... I liked it better when all of Cam's attention was on me and he actually looked after me like a good big brother good. It's not like travelling with you has made me much better," Molly comments with an eye roll.

"Have you two ever been apart or has he ever liked another girl that he spent as much time as he's been spending with Riley? Here, let me take those," The Doctor asks taking the last few cups from Molly to put away himself.

"Thank you. There was only a one year gap where we were apart and that was my first year at the university. There have also been other girls, but Riley's different. Something about her just irritates me. Do you know what I mean?" Molly shrugs leaning against the counter.

"I can't say I do. In all my over eight hundred years of travelling I can't find someone who irritates me, because that makes it as if they're unimportant and no one is unimportant," The Doctor explains.

Molly turns stiff as a board. "It's weird, I mean you're not special, you're not powerful... This friend of yours, just before she left, did she punch you in the face? Stop bleeping me!" Molly recites. She then turns to the Doctor, her eyes sad and puppy- like.

"Molly, I didn't mean it like that," The Doctor almost whispers touching her arm.

Molly jerks away. "Then how did you mean it? You travel all through time and space and the /only/ unimportant person you ever met was my mum!" Molly cries.

"Molly, I simply meant that your mum wasn't alien or destructive and that didn't make her stand out. I didn't think she had any reason to be attempted to be killed by the aliens chasing her. Do you understand what I'm saying?" The Doctor asks.

Molly bats her teary eyes. Just as she's about to break down and cry, her eyes roll back. Before Molly falls to the ground, the Doctor runs over and catches her. "What are you saying? I can't hear you," Molly asks the sky. Molly gasps. "No, I won't! Show me who you are then I will!... Rose?" Molly gapes for another breath then lands in the Doctor's arms again. Molly immediately snaps up. "Doctor, we have to go to the Ood planet! Rose told me to!"

The Doctor's eyebrows crinkle together in confusion. "What?"

"Rose! I just saw her! She told me to go to the Ood Planet! They're in danger! Hurry!" Molly cries.

"O- okay. Let's go... I'll start up the TARDIS and you get the two lovebirds," The Doctor states. Molly nods and darts toward the control room. The Doctor sighs. "What's going on here?"

- - -

The four stomp through the thick snow and wind nips at all of their noses. "Doctor, can you explain to me why we had to go all the way to this barren ice planet?" Riley asks pulling her coat tighter.

"The Doctor didn't say we have to come here, Rose did. We have to do what Rose said, because it's apparently really important to her," Molly states. The Doctor picks Molly up from her tiny waist over one of the snow drifts.

"Molly, who's Rose? You've mentioned the star man, Jenny, Captain Jack, Martha, and even evil Santa Clauses, but I've never heard of Rose before," Cam butts in.

"She's a new character. She's very pretty. It's weird how I see her, though. Half the times I see her it's in memories and the other half is dreams, I'm assuming. They're supposedly dreams, but it seems like she's talking directly to me," Molly continues. They finally reach the top of the hill and can see what they thought were mountains are actually the tops of a castle. "That's where Rose told me to go. She says not to be afraid if they refer to me as Donna there," Molly giggles.

"Do you remember the Ood people, Molls?" The Doctor asks.

"Oh my gosh, I remember the Ood!" Cam shouts. "Those were those weird guys with the tentacles in their mouths you wrote a composition of their captivity song on the piano. I remember it, because you played it at the middle school talent show and ran off the stage in tears at the end."

The Doctor turns to Molly. She shrugs. "Too many memories?"

The Doctor smirks. "Molly, sweetie, you're so insane," He laughs pulling her into his chest. Molly giggles. When they break apart, the group begins walking down the hill. "So did Rose say why she needed us to come here immediately?"

"Sorta. She said we needed to see the Ood Leader, because he has some prophesy or a message to tell us-- something along those lines," Molly informs him.

The Doctor takes Molly's hand and helps her cross over the icy patch onto the castle path. Cam, on the other hand, lifted Riley over the ice. "How do you see all these memories, Molly?" Riley asks.

"Memories will appear as a dream and facts will generally be knowledge for me or someone like the Doctor will teach it to me in a dream- like fashion. I always remember who taught it to me though," Molly clarifies walking down the path holding hands with the Doctor. "This place is remarkable. It has changed so much since the last time I was here. Well, mum was here," Molly awes.

"You can say you were here, Molls, because you remember it as if you were there. Oh, sweetie, watch out for that ice spot over there!" The Doctor warns.

Riley giggles."You two are so cute! You're like a father and daughter together!" The pair smile and blush. Riley screams and everyone turns.

In front of them stands a creature with long tentacles hanging from his mouth and a massive cranium. He tilts his head and presses a button that makes the orb coming from his mouth light up. "Doctor Donna, you're back! And you brought friends! Welcome!" The Ood chimes.

"Oh, I'm not Donna. I'm her adopted daughter Molly! This is my brother Cam and his... friend Riley," Molly introduces.

"The Ood are very pleased to meet you and welcome you back Doctor Donna," The Ood greets. Molly goes to correct him, but stops herself. "You've been expected. Follow me."

The Ood leads them down a dark stone hallway and various melting staircases. Molly fumbles his hands together with the Doctor's and he squeezes her hand tightly. Riley nervously does the same with Cam. Cam doesn't realize at first what just happened, considering he was terrified about the whole situation himself. When he looks down and see their hands laced together, Cam smiles to himself. Finally, they reach a near endless room in the back of the bottom floor lavished in crimson and gold decorations. A withered old Ood sits in a throne with two men by his side. The Ood Leader blinks his eyes opens and appears to almost smile or gasp at the sight of the Doctor and Molly.

"Doctor Donna... you're back!" The old leader greets gasping for air.

The Doctor smiles and shakes hands with the old man. "It's brilliant to see you again, sir. This is Donna's son Cam, his... friend Riley, and Donna's adopted daughter Molly. Molly remembers everything Donna remembers," The Doctor informs him.

"It's amazing to finally meet you, Ood Leader. I've been remembering you since I was eight years old," Molly gleams.

"You don't just remember Donna. You are Donna. Doctor Donna has returned," The Ood Leader states.

"What? I'm sorry, Ood Leader, I don't understand," The Doctor half- laughs.

"It's the prophesy, Doctor! 'When three minds combine to make four, out of Her greatness will come even more. Stars will aline and worlds will collide to bring four minds back to one'," The Ood Leader recites.

"I'm sorry. I'm still confused," The Doctor apologizes.

The Ood Leader sighs. "Molly, who brought you here? Don't say the Doctor, because who actually told you to come here?"

"Um, Rose Tyler," Molly peeps.

"Whose memories are in your head?" The old man croaks.

"Donna Noble," Molly replies.

"Can you fly the TARDIS, Molly?" The Ood Leader randomly asks.

Molly raises an eyebrow. "Yes... Of course I can! My mum Donna could fly the TARDIS!" Molly cries.

The old man shakes his finger. "Donna could hardly change a plug. Not even Rose could fly the TARDIS. Who is the only person we know that can fly the TARDIS?"

Everyone turns to Molly. "Doctor," She whispers. Molly turns to the Doctor teary eyed. "Doctor?"

"And three minds combine to make four..." The Ood Leader smiles.

"How is that even possible?" Molly croaks breathing rapidly and starting to hyperventilate.

The Doctor holds Molly into his chest and tries to calm her down. "For starters, that isn't even possible considering there was no way for all three of our minds to combine like that. It also doesn't even explain the second part of the prophesy!" The Doctor shouts.

"Molly, I need you to think. Think extremely hard. Where is the first place you remember? Not Donna's house. You know there was one place before it you've pushed out of your mind your entire life," The Ood Leader calmly requests.

"No, no, no! I can't think about it! Rose, get out of my head! Stop saying it! Rose, I won't say it!" Molly cries to the skies. She gasps for air then sobs into the Doctor's chest.

The Doctor brushes Molly's hair. "Molly... you need to tell us where your remember and Rose is reminding you of," The Doctor begs kissing her forehead.

"Bad Wolf Bay!" Molly screams before crying even harder.

The Doctor's eyes widen and he turns to the Ood Leader. "Oh no. Oh no, no, no! This can't be!" The Doctor cries.

"Doctor, what's going on?" Completely oblivious Cam asks.

The Doctor turns to Cam and Riley. "The last time I saw Rose Tyler, I had to leave her in a parallel universe, but she had an almost identical twin of me in my tenth regeneration with a mind that was also partly Donna's mind. They must of had a rendezvous and..." The Doctor cuts himself off.

"Doctor! What happened?!" Cam shouts.

"Molly was born in a parallel world. Somehow Rose got her here to Donna and has been communicating with her recently in some strange way. Molly is technically my niece."
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Wrote 4 years ago
Yay! Cannot wait <333

Wrote 4 years ago
@fugicutie Thank you so much! I've been planning on this for a long time! There are many more twists to come!

Wrote 4 years ago
Ok... I just gotta say first that I LOVE this story! Keep it up :) and the ending of this chapter was such a great twist! I didn't see that coming.
Love love love :D


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