Christmas List 2012

So this is a note to my Aunt Ellen!
I know that a lot of these items are from a website called If you click on those links, it will bring you to those items that are from wanelo and from there it brings you to the various sites you can buy those actual items from (if there is any confusion, all the links under each item will bring you to a link where you can find it). Also, I just make these sort of things as a guide for myself too. These is the kind of things I really really love. I don't NEED these and only these (like, I guess not these specific items, because I know a lot of these things are pricey, just things like them), these are just ones that I really like. And it's not just clothes, I promise. So if there are any questions, just ask :)
Love, Christina
P.S. I notice some of the wanelo links are being a bit finnicky... if the links bring you to a different item then the one you had clicked on, try this link, and all the items off wanelo should be there :)
(also with wanelo, you may be surprised, a lot of the things on there have really good prices, not as expensive as you may think... some not even close :] )

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Wrote two years ago
@take-the-ocean-with-you well then in that case, I love your style!!!! Xx

Wrote two years ago
I have like the same style as you!!!!!!


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