Christmas Party:

1. Pick a number between 1-14 and leave it in the comment section.
2. I will message you which U-Kiss or Infinite member is your date for the Christmas Party.
3. Make a set including your date and the kind of formal outfit you would wear.
4. (Optional) Include a description or a small story of how the date would turn out.

Actually I'm glad I got Kevin; he's my fave member of U-Kiss - because he seems so nice, and I prefer good boys:) [Even Simon&Martina said Kevin is very kind^^]

But still my knowledge of U-kiss is almost zero, so the image of Kevin in the story below can be...far from reality:)


"J.-ah!" Warm voice of my boyfriend waked me up; still buried under covers I realized it wasn't a dream. 

"J.-ah!" He called me from kitchen. I slowly stuck out my head from under covers. 

"I'm coming!" I announce looking for some sweater to put it on. I wasn't expecting him to visit me today; but it was a nice surprise. Especially since I could count on him to make me delicious breakfast.

Still a bit sleepy I entered the kitchen where Kevin was making tea. He was dressed very smart - way to smart to casual visit he would pay to his girlfriend early in the morning.

And then it hit me; quick glance on clock made me realize it wasn't a morning anymore; and the date wasn't ordinary day. It was Christmas!

Loud f-word escape my mouth.

He only sighed. 
"I'M SO SORRY FOR OVERSLEEPING! DON'T WORRY BABE WE STILL CAN BE ON TIME!" I stared panicking; this is what you get when your boyfriend is so perfect, that he's never late, and you are completely the opposite. The opposite who likes to sleep.

Kevin calmly placed his slim hands on my shoulders.
"Don't be so nervous about spending Christmas with my family."
Another wave of panic hit me. "You shouldn't remind me of that." I said.

Kevin kissed me softly to calm me down.
"And now get ready."

I nodded and stormed out of the kitchen;

First shower. When I jumped out of bathroom, quickly showered and wrapped only in towel, Kevin was waiting with dress he had picked for me which saved a lot of time it would took me to decided what to wear.

"Are you blushing?" I asked, taking navy dress from his hand.
"You're only in towel!"
"Shame we don't have time to use that!" I winked at him; his cheeks become even more pink. I smiled at him and close myself back in the bathroom to put the clothes on.

When I was quickly finishing eating breakfast - 'the most important meal of a day' - Kevin entered kitchen with his hands filled with cosmetics.

"What you're planing to do?" I asked suspiciously, chewing last bite of my sandwich.
"I'm more skilled at this believe me!"

I couldn't sit serious when he was putting make up on my face. Looking at his completely focused expression was making me laugh.

He poked my cheek. "Behave!"

I poked my tongue at him.

"I'm going to paint it!" He treated me with a lipstick.

Soon I was ready.

We hurriedly left my apartment. "It would be faster to take my car." I stopped him when he was about to call for a taxi.

We sat inside, and I smiled playing music I prepared earlier.

Kevin shook his head with a smile and fastened his seatbelt.
"Shouldn't we pray first?" He asked doubting in my driver's skills when I started an engine and with a squeal of tires joined traffic.

Ha, I realized - after reading some facts about Kevin - that we are like fire and ice:P


Wrote three years ago
Beautiful <3

Wrote three years ago
Hahaha so cute!

Wrote three years ago
Aww! Cute Story!

Wrote three years ago
kevin! <3

Wrote three years ago
haha this is so cute ^^
Glad you made it in time :)

Wrote three years ago
OMG!!!! THAT video! that SONG!!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE SOOO MUCH!! I re-watched it on my way back home last week! and couldn't stop laughing at this scene!

Wrote three years ago
bardzo ładny set :)

Wrote three years ago
sooo amazings et sweetie

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