Here is a Christmas Present for all of the Polyvore folks I care about and to the followers I appreciate. =~.^=

Inspired by the set created by @onawhimsy I really loved the way she made the tree a part of her doll. Her set can be found here:

I included that wonderful cat in the set because I just adopted a cat named Thomas-Raith. He's a darling and I didn't realize how much I was missing having a cat in my life until he found me.

Dedicated to @onawhimsy @markblemish @mycau @par0dise @leannesugarplum @alexxandrat @rawrat @alicja2204 @ellen-hilart @luv2create4u @anellim2 @autumnum @hdme117 @its-beautiful-over-there @nananapgirl @lillibunneh @iluvgreggsulkin222 @ealkhaldi @ccr1 @elske88 @tacciani @jojona-1 @po8girl @kathy-martenson-sanko @likepolyfathion @merlothues @glennie @smylin @dlmusiel @shellfish-suzie @icequeen-ns @ladypiraterose @necyluv @lisamichele-cdxci @reluna @incogneato @raamen365 @opum @jlgoodman @vero-klo @gailwind @cb-hula @lois-boyce-flack @kearalachelle @mew-muse @zipora-b @sarah-k-davis @annette-heathen @ultracake @queenrachietemplateaddict @mellors @i-watch-too-much-disney @faylane @cfaurot @ilovehedgehogs1029 @anasvetlucavoinstyle @lisa-r @autocue @glitterlady4 @ausie34 @lindaweldon @tracireuer @musicfriend1 @ritadolce @wambliwakan @karineminzonwilson @lavida @greeneyz @emisocks @alynncameron @gua-pa @buffyb @liliblue @sanguinefire @vintagemonkey @anthony-christian @pepitarita @vexalynnra @harrylyme @a4n0ih3 @fairy-world @soulcrusher @emisocks @theonly-queenregina @flashing-lights88 @bb60477 @pisces7 @polly301 @elyeyer @lore-l @aprilplayssp @thisisinteresting @almadiana-birthday-7-22 @jill-is-m @saphiboutik @wintermoon @janephoto @lumos-mockingjay @piwakawaka @pati777 @ginger @emjule @divacrafts @vintageeyeglasses @gwenny

I'm terribly sorry if I missed anyone!
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