Christmas Wish List 2012

-Im an xs in most shirts unless that looks too tight
-xs in dresses
-a 7 in shoes
-a 00 in pants
-an xs in leggings, sweats, etc
-i like minty blue, coral, pink, red, white colors pretty much anything but dark blue
-check stores like target, tjmaxx, nordstrom rack, marshalls, and places like that for cheap cute stuff
-sam knows what i like so you can just ask her
-i have another list for stuff i want from sam so you can talk to her about the stuff on there cause whatever she doesn't get me i still want
-also i like just like plain crew neck hoodies at walmart for $5...ask sam
-a new pandora charm would be nice too but not too expensive!!
-the military boots dont have to have studs on the heel idk why all those ones do & they can fold over!
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