My Top 6 Christmas Wish List for the contest on polyvore. This set is okay, it took me like 45 minutes to make it though but it turned out fine(: 

My top 6 wishlist is;

O1. Uggs bailey button in beige color;
I really want a pair of uggs, more than the iphone 5 too. The one in the set is absolutely adorable! My mom might get me a pair of ugg, but she'll probably buy the plain uggs because their cheaper, but the bailey button ones are just so cute! And I want it. Anyone wanna but a pair of uggs in size 6 for me?(; 

O2. iPhone 5 in white;
I really need a new phone, but my family phone contract isn't over until June. It's tooo long! My phone is so crappy, and it was free with the contract. I really want an iPhone 5. Or even an iPhone 4 will do! I really want a cell phone that's unlocked, can connect to wifi, and have a front & back camera. I was SO close on getting a Nokia Lumia for Black Friday, but nope. Nada :'(

O3. TOMS; 
I really want a pair of toms! I used to have a gray one but I outgrew them. I want a navy blue or brown toms. But I would LOVE the pair of toms in the set from etsy! It's so cute & it's so me! 

O4. BABY lips;
I absolutely love baby lips so this is on my wishlist~ 
I have one baby lips which is the quenched flavor, I used to have the peach kiss one but then I used it all! I want the complete pack, including the limited edition ones, I love baby lips. They're so moist and good, and I love the smells<3

O5. Northface Sweatshirt;
These are so cute and asdfghjkl, so warm I bet! It's like perfect for fall & winter. I WANT IT. The one in the set is cute and casual, does anyone wanna buy one in xs in women's for me, please? I said please(; 

O6. Mint green skinny jeans; 
Ahhhh! These are just so cute, I have been wanting mint green skinny jeans for SOOO long. But all of the places I have looked are like at least $40 or doesn't have my size. I'm skinny, so I fit sizes 00 (double 0) or in kids size 14. Mint green skinny jeans and PASTEL PINK, they're so cute! 

My wishlist for the polyvore contest. Enjoy! ♥
~ Linna

Two comments

Wrote two years ago
Love those North Face hoodies!

Wrote two years ago
baby lips oh yes! i just got all of the colors!

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