Chthonia Urswick. {smib}

Chthonia "Nia" Urswick
age: 15
descendant of: Manon the Keeper
bio: Nia was born quite sickly, and it seemed she wasn't long for the world. In order to save her, her mother tied her life to her sister - Madara's life. The two are forever linked. So, whatever happens to one of the girls happens to the other. If Nia bleeds, so does Madara and vice versa. It also means that if one dies, the other goes with them. Quite often, their bizarre circumstance puts a strain on the sisters' relationship. Lately, it seems like they've been fighting constantly, and it's had an effect on Nia’s magic. She feels guilty. After all, it's because of her that they're tied together. Nia knows it's time to find some other way to sustain her life, and the answer lies with one of the Elders.
model: Amberley Colby
taken by: @fleetingfanfan

Two comments

Wrote two years ago
Totally gorgeous! I want Nia's wardrobe.

Wrote two years ago
"Abi" is brilliant! Great collection by the way!


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