Chuck Bass

Name: Chuck Bass
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Manhattan, NY
Short Bio: Chuck was born into a loving family, or so it seemed. His father was a majorly successful business man with a company that practically ruled Manhattan. Chuck was like royalty. His mother was kind and quiet. When Chuck was 3 his mother had his sister...but, there was a tragic fire...apparently his mother and sister are dead.
David Bass-Father
Elena Bass-Mother-deceased...?
Charlotte Bass-deceased...?
Secret: He is looking into his mother and sister. It seems he may have a sister out there...but no one knows. not even Elle.
Appearance: Ed Westwick
Personality: Cocky, can be romantic, cynical, witty, deceiving, yet lovable.
5 Favorite Things: Hermes ties, Fine Liquor and Spirits, Gucci suits, imported cigars, and Elle.
Do you want to be a founder? & Why?: No, he is far to busy with other things, though everyone knows Chuck Bass....and he throws the best parties.
As a potential founder, do you promise to be as active as you possibly can?: Yes.
Rate the two male cliques as which you would rather have: Whichever is the more extravagant, Chuck is always extravagant.
Anything Else?: No...

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