Welp,11/18 was my birthday i didn't make a big deal out of it,i didnt want too it might sound crazy to some,but i just didnt.I got a cookie cake and went out to dinner only because my 'rents said,they didnt understand the reason behind why i didnt want to celebrate my birthday,Let's see if you guys can c:
~The reasons why:
-I see it as everyone wishing me a happy birthday,but secretly saying"you're getting old, don't die,basically."i dont want to be reminded my age. .

-2nd,There are millions of people around the world who's birthday is on the same days as mine and i don't want to buy material things (they only last for a while anyway)

-Now, for the big topper, the big reason why i didnt want to celebrate my birthday is because im 16!lol no big deal it's just a number,anyway i wanted my 16 years of life to matter so i made it a journey,i have a few things that i got years ago and don't use or play for example:my musical instruments and camera,i dont use it to it's full potential so i kinda made a journey bucket list (i'll put in the next set i make) that i want to accomplish before i ask for any birthday present. I'm trying to ween myself from the material things in life and focus on the non-materialistic.

My Birthday wish-I just wanted a peaceful, quiet day where i can be inspired and just see things.lol. (:♥
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