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Kind of edgy set, inspired by the filmfestival I went to yesterday. Filmfestivals are quite edgy, aren't they? I saw some hilarious short movies and some which were really weird, believe me. Have a great weekend! xo

I was tagged by @leona-weber
1. What's your fav sport? And if you like football (soccer) which team?
I rather watch games than participate ha! I think baseball is quite awesome. I only watch soccer during the World or European cup.

2.What's your fav fragrance?
I love a lot of fragrances, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Diesel, all have great fragrances.

3.From latest fashion weeks which desinger collection do you like?
I liked Valentino, but I always like Valentino. It was a little minimalistic though.

4.Your worst BDay present?
Some piece of jewelry which was ab-so-lute-ly awful. I haven't worn it ever. I think I threw it away.

Wedges, I can't walk in heels, yet. I mostly wear booties though, with a little heel. Best of both worlds :)

6.The last thing/ scenery/ person you have taken the picture!
I took a picture from a contact-card, I guess.

7.Do you love cooking? What dish, dessert or drink do you like most of all?
I love eating more than cooking.... I will learn to cook more in time. Though, I remember I loved making cupcakes and other pies. =)

8.Pretend you have the worst mood ever, what or whom can make you smile or feel better?
Music. The right music can make you feel so much better.

9.What are you doing when you're depressed? What can you advice in this situations?
Same answer; music. Aditionally: alone time, food and most of all: sleep. 

10.What's your fav dog breed?
Don't have one, I prefer cats haha. Well, I love dog breeds which are very obedient, like Golden Retriever or Labrador.

11.Who's your fav model?
Don't have one. 

I'm not going to tag anybody.

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