Tempest Alchemilla [al-ke-me-ya]
[Age]: 18
[Bio]: Tempest: strong , powerful , hot, and hateful. Tempest hates her stepsister Sage. In fact, they are opposites. She would always get in fights with her parents because of her fiery temper. She is strong-willed and loves partying. But most of all, she love boys. She is almost never “taken”. She changes her mind too quickly. Last night’s guy is so…last night.
[Model]: Lily Cole
[Status]: none
The sun was in her eyes, filtering through the cinnamon curtain of waves over her light eyes, also warming the bare freckled skin of her back. She had passed out on the well worn bed on her stomach, one arm beneath her head while clad in just a pair of panties. She turned her head to the window, peeking through her strands as she went spread eagle to stretch. A surprised blink when her foot came into contact with a warm solid object.

She pushed her wild hair back from her face and doll like features contort into something quite resembling irritation. She told him to leave after they were done. Reaches out a hand to push the shoulder of the blonde man, "Hey.. You've over stayed your welcome. Get out of my damn bed."

She rolled her eyes, the guy was actually snoring. She stretched out her foot to push on his side to get him closer to the edge, digits gripping the side behind her. Not too much farther and he went falling to the floor with a thud then a yelp, a string of curses following.

She blew an auburn curl out of her face and shrugged her shoulders, "I told you not to stay. Now get the hell out. I need a joint and some breakfast. You're not invited." She turned her back to him and reached for her dress to pull over her head. Way too early for all this...
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