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    My name is Maria Cocalea I am a student and fashion lover from Romania, currently living in the Netherlands You can add me on Facebook here
  • New Yorq
    A New York photography blog, an expression of my love for NYC. I try to put a credit with every photo. If you want to edit/change credits or have me remove one of the photos on this blog, just message...
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  • City of Stars
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    Photo portfolio of Hussain Tarooti on 500px. What an Amazing trip around the mountains to see the whole cities in one day... beautiful day was that... more shots will be up for you. Camera : Canon 5D Mark II Lens : Canon 50mm Location : Iran All Rights Reserved for Hussain-Studio@2013
  • City of Fog
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    Photo portfolio of Martin Stavars on 500px. Chongqing, China