The Internet is getting to my nerves again. The entirity of it, yes. Just, you know. Rude people. 

OH. Speaking of this. I found the best archives. I'm uncertain you guys know what Arpanet is [don't worry, we can't all have geek parents.] but it's the internet's granddaddy and I found chat archives from the 70s among some of the decade's most prominent figures and best minds. In one Ayn Rand [who's kind of a troll] talks to Jim Henson and Yoko Ono and it's brilliant. Then there's another with Regan when he was still governor. And some of the stuff they discuss regarding where this technology could take us is rather ahead. It's all the sh*t us peons take for granted now. 
Just read them, or at least just this one and

It makes me so sad because the internet is just a cesspool of idiocy and hate now, ever since the general public starting using it, ever since it became socially acceptable to do essentially geek stuff [even though being a 'geek' is still unacceptable, which is obnoxious and hypocritical and I'm getting too far into this.]. Yoko would weep, as would Jim. [Ayn would be starting flame wars in every which direction.] CESSPOOL.

 What was my point? Oh yeah, I'm gonna take a holiday break. Ta.
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