The City of W e s t w o o d

Westwood is located approximately one hour from New York City and twenty minutes away from Cartersville. Home to many upper class families, Westwood has a total population of 10,500 residents. Founded in the early 1800's, many of the wealthy residents are backed by old generations of money dating back to the 1800s. Westwood is divided into 3 sections, Upper, Downtown and Lower.
Wealthy families and their mansions are located in Upper Westwood. City Hall, community parks, and the town square is located in Upper Westwood.
Downtown Westwood is where all of the schools, including Westwood Day an pre-k, elementary, middle school, and junior high; and Westwood Prep, the only high school in the city. Downtown is home to many cafes, shops, hotels,corporate offices, night clubs, and penthouses. The Diamond Bridge leads into South Westwood.
South Westwood consists of many town homes and apartments. It is mainly where middle class families live, with the exception of a few upperclass.
Runaway Beach, (originally called Westwood Points) was given the name back in the 1980's when a teenage couple first runaway and began living underneath the boardwalk. They then sparked a huge movement and rebellion among Westwood teens causing many to leave their homes and move in with other teens under the boardwalk. After a police raid because of underage drinking sexual activities with minors, most of the teens were arrested. The others went back home under authority and the beach has been returned to normal ever since.
Runaway Beach is very family oriented, hosting numerous carnival and amusement rides. Many families in New York have beach houses in Runaway for it is known for it's marvelous restaurants, night clubs, and activities for children.

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