Today I went to a Civil War Days thing at my city's living museum. The museum is open everyday and features house, outfits, entertainment and artifacts ranging from 1800-1860. I usually work there with my friends @lycheefruit a couple times a month and we really enjoyed it. But today the museum had a reenactment of the civil war. They had soldiers running around and small tents selling bonnets and fans for the ladies. It was very fun. They even had a "war hospital" where they demonstrated what they would have done to get bullets out of a soldiers leg. It was very fun and i had a great time!
The dress reminded me of the color that the Union solider's pants were. They were not denim but it almost looked like a rough cotton. 
The shoes looked like the ones the ladies wore back then (and the ones i have to wear when i work there). 
The shoes had a similar floral pattern that the bonnet i tried on earlier at one of the tents. 
The bag looked like the ones the men had to wear that stored all of their bullets and gun powers in.
The bangles represent the huge belt buckles the men wore that showed what troop they belonged to. Of course the men didn't wear bangles (but they actually wore red bands on their ankles to show what position they should be in when they are in battle) but both the bracelet and the buckles were had gold paint on them. 
The jacket had the same color that the traditional modern army jacket has, plus i thought it looked nice with the dress. 
And finally they flowers reminded me of the ones i saw in the dried flowers and fragrance tent i was in.
Overall i had a great day and i can't wait until next year to do it all again!

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