Auditions for Season 1
First of all,I want to choose Jun Ji Hyun(actress) she is my No.1 Korean girl crush but for idol girl crush No.1 I chose CL 's 2NE1
1. Who is your kpop bias?
how hard !! ,can be G-Dragon
2. Who was your past kpop bias but you slowly forgot about her/him?
3. What’s your favorite MV?
SS501- Solo collection love MV not love song
4. What is your favorite song currently?
Still obsessed with Bigbang- Cafe'
5. Favorite boy group?
Big Bang
6. Favorite girl group?
7. What was your first kpop song?
I can't remember should be,Shinhwa - T.O.P
,first must be Eusha Eusha but i dislike that song.
8. What’s your favorite ballad?
Shin Hye Sung&Sun Min- Keep holding you Korean ver, ost.Sinking of Japan
9. Best leader to you?
Shinhwa - Eric Mun
10. Best dancer to you?
U-know Yunho
11. Favorite solo artist?
12. What got you into kpop?
I was born in Seoul/living near,at K-pop land that why I answer alot of old song,old group 
13. Who was your first kpop crush?
Idol right >> Shin Hye Sung(Shinhwa)
14. Who do you think is the hottest kpop person?
Definitely ,Kim Hyun Joong
15. What group do you dislike? Why?
SNSD,Too much over acting cute,and my personal reason do not hate me,i think they're not natural(face).
16. Your current kpop group addiction?
CN.Blue but not too much run to them just sometime.
17. Favorite song from a solo artist?
Se7en-Come back to me(part 1, 2003)
18. Cutest male?
Xiah Junsu
19. Cutest female?
Goo Hara
20. Your favorite voice?
Xiah Junsu,Micky Yoochun& Shin Hye Sung
21. If you were able to debut which group would you like to join? Why?
2NE1,I love Hiphop RnB and thier style I think i can do it.
22. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for? (kpop related :P)
1.Bring painful away from JYJ
2.Plsss give opportunity for JYJ too do not against/always reject them for live show& join gameshow fans waiting for them ,specially SM stop do that its very bad,childish.
3. I wishes YG family be warm and happy company like this forever.
23. What would you do if your favorite kpop group/ idol smiled at you and started talking to you?
I think i'll frozen and can't looking into his eyes like what happened with me when i see Kim Hyun Joong so close.
24. Who would be your best friends?
Wonder girls - Sunye ,I want to be her friend,and CL we were born same month/year she older than me 2 days should be friend CL.
25. Your boyfriend/ girlfriend
OMG !!!! should I select,G-Dragon 
(plss,Kim Hyun Joong& Micky to be my brother)
26. Your enemy
SNSD-Jessica I want to fight with her& sure I'll win over her haha not serious about my answer.
27. Your funny friend?
Can be a boy,T.O.P
28. Meanest friend?
Wonder Girls- So Hee >> we'll made ppl down together with our cold heart&frozen eyesLol :))
29. Honest/ Innocent friend?
I don't know why but I chose Jae Joong he like my cats.
30. Easily scared?
31. Laughing Buddy
32. A voice you wish to have? 
Can I said None cuz I love to hear them voice not for myself to be like her,if you still want answer from me should be Jae Joong cuz i love his heavenly voice.
33. Which kpop person would you want to have a intimate relationship with?
34. Which Kpop star would you want in a romantic drama with you?
Micky Yoochun I think he is a type of romantic guy.
35. If you could have one Kpop singer to sing you a romantic song, who would it be and why?
G-Dragon >> song- Even If It's Only A Memory
36. If you could be in a MV, which one would you be in?
Micky Solo- My girlfriend
37. If you could invite a Kpop band to your birthday, who would it be? Why?
Big Bang cuz I want to listen them sing live for me specially plss sing A good man.
38. Your favorite dance?
TVXQ - Mirotic/Wrong Number
39. If you were part of a "Love triangle", which two would you want "fighting" for your love?
G-Dragon,Kim Hyun Joong
40. What fan club are you in?
V.I.P Big Bang,Black Jack 2NE1,Walking along with JYJ >> all of them officially Japan,sometime fro soompi Korea if I have time.
41. The prettiest girl to you?
Jun Ji Hyun
42. Best rapper?
G-Dragon Korean Raps,Micky Yoochun English Raps,CL/Miryo(Female rapper)
43. Which kpop group do you think needs more popularity? Why?
After School ,They deserve to be talented korean girl group more than another one come from big company.
44. Which kpop group is the best at live performances?
TVXQ for sure
45. If you were on WGM (We got Married) who would you want to be partnered with?
G-Dragon I want to know his real personality more&more.
46. Most played song?
Songs from Big Bang >> Fool,Lies,Make love Oh my baby. and alot from Bigbang.
47. Has group inspired you? If so, which group and why?
Shinhwa because they're first K-group that I've crush,they're legend,talented I want to learn alot of thing from them like friendship,how to stay with famous& respect from new wave like them and are so good,I want to be success& come to be hall of frame like them with good memory.
48. What group did you not like and now don’t mind them? Also why did you not like them?
Kara- I never found attractive about this group,boring song and always acting cutee but now just average not like or dislike.
49. Do you like how the kpop industry right now? Do you think there are too many groups that have debuted?
Should I answer well with this may be not,too much new group and i'm so far behind,so sad for alot of sad news like suicide,unfair money,against law suit,alot of idol were sick from sleepless,copy song,influent by American music oh alot of negative
but positive for me is YG improve about company& music marketing to America&Europe ,JYJ pretty had a good change lately.
50. Name all of your biases
Shinhwa -All of them
TVXQ - Yunho,Jaejoong,Yoochun,Junsu
Bigbang- all of them
SS501 - Kim Hyun Joong
Super Junior - Donghae,Siwon
2PM- Nickhun,Wooyoung,Junho,Tacyeon
FT.Island - Hongki
CN.Blue- Yonghwa,Jongshin
Mblag- Lee Joon
Beast- Hyunseung
Wonder girls - All of them& Sunmi
MissA- Fei
BEG- all of them
2NE1- all of them an of course YG Artist .

2 hours for made set & answer question,
I know may be I'm not pass to join next season but the reason why I join cuz when i read your Question i want to answer them ,in the future if I get older I'll remember the old day I'm obbsessed with K-pop,Also my set my style,layout etc. look different from another K-pop fans Hmmm,i feel like that and I didn't know everything about K-pop but I'm sure I know about group i love like TVXQ,Big Bang,2 NE1 only & some of person that I've crush ..i'm not good fan.
Anyway i love your idea Kristine dongsaeng:))
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