claire brielle mckenzie ~

full name;; Claire Marie Mckenzie
• pronunciation;; { cuh- lair} { muh-ree} {mick-ken-ze}
• age;; 17
• nationality;; french , american indian , german , and greek.
• hometown;; Rainham , London .
• appearance;; blonde hair that floats to her midsection. claire adds extensions when she wants to lengthen it though. It is a gorgeous blonde that makes her ocean blue eyes sparkle. Her skin is a perfect shade of tan not a vampire but not a dorito. claire is 109 pounds and sports a six pack. though she is very modest about it. she is 5'6.
• personality;; you know what they say ," good girls are just bad girls that haven't got caught ." well that applies perfectly to claire. being a preachers daughter she has standards, morels , and unfortunately curfews. claire soon broke those rules and became sort of a rebel . sneaking out late at night to meet guys. drinking . but she never was sexually into it. she at least wanted to keep that as long ash she could. claire is brilliant. she has had all a's since 3rd grade. her mum always told her she was a shining star. she takes all ib classes and needed a break. everyone thinks she is a dumb blonde witch she is happy to test them to any kind of accusation.
• bio;; claire's dad is a preacher. she was always a very good christian young lady. until olsen happend. Olsen was Claires ex beau. He would come to her house late at night . take her to party's , made her feel like she was something extraordinary. when Olsen died from lung cancer her world lstopped. she felt like there was something missing . thats when the sucide attempts occured. she tried pills,rope, a gun . everything. it just wasn't meant to happen . now after 5 months of therapy she is backo on track. watch out girls.
• flaws/imperfections;; her deppression and bulimia.
• family;;
mum- Karolina Mckenzie - 39
dad- Kenton Mckenzie - 53
brother - Ryan Mckenzie - 15
brother - Peter Mckenzie - 28
sister - India Mckenzie - 22
• house choice;; anyone . idrm . i mean i was invited if that helps . ♥

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