So I was working on this even before BDWC so it worked out nicely.

I really love Clara, but I'm really sick of the Rose references. And Eleven/Clara (romantically, at least). They're just brotp, see, because the Doctor's great love is Amelia Pond (quoted from Matt Smith). Seriously though, I cannot see them from a romantic perspective, no matter how hard Moffat tires. Kind of the same thing with Amy and Rory, but I could kind of see it and sometimes I ship it.


I really love when companions are just random people, not special died-twice has-a-crack-in-time-and-space-in-her-bedroom people. LIKE ROSE. yes i love rose


I finished series 2 so HERE IS MY REVIEWY THING THAT I DO:

NEW EARTH- omg omg so good New Earth was really pretty and it remains my favorite fictional place. I loved the return of Cassandra, and I definitely loved the end. Reminded me of Vincent and the Doctor. Yes. Good.

TOOTH AND CLAW- Pretty good? I don't know, it seemed a little frantic and I didn't really understand the whole thing. Also, the Torchwood thing was kind of getting on my nerves because they mentioned it so much. Werewolf seemed like kind of a lame monster compared to other Who monsters, but I guess it was okay.

SCHOOL REUNION- YES YES YES YES YES YES YES this was the greatest. SARAH JANE SMITH! I loved the return of a companion! I wish they'd do that more often, and not just with little references like they're doing in S7. ALSO K-9 IS THE CUTEST THING EVER SERIOUSLY "affirmative!"
And I did appreciate that Rose finally learns the real nature of the Doctor and realizes that he's not this dreamy guy, he's lonely and hurt.
Right, and Mickey's the hero in this one. I love Mickey Smith. So. Much.

GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE- This one was good too. The spaceship seemed kind of...weird. The usage of human parts seemed really fake, but it was early Who. I loved Reinette. The masked things reminded me of Night Terrors in S6 I think? Yeah. Anyway, I REALLY liked seeing the Doctor fall in love with someone else other than Rose and seeing that this was the perfect match for the Doctor. And it continues the whole, the Doctor is truly lonely. The ending was very sad. Very sad. I really liked it, as a whole, but it did remind me of Amy's story a lot, and I kind of realized how many times they've used the "Doctor visits when you're young and then comes back later to kiss you".

RISE OF THE CYBERMEN and AGE OF STEEL- Yes! Cybers. I was excited. Seeing Pete, too. I hated seeing Mickey become the third wheel again though. HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER. also when Mickey stayed I was DYING AND THEY JUST LET HIM STAY AND ROSE DIDN'T EVEN CARE AND JUST fliufdhlkjahlkdjfjahlkfjljsdfakld. And Jackie died :( But also, Rose as a dog was hilarious. Anyways, yes, it was great.

THE IDIOT'S LANTERN- We see Ten/Rose develop! I kind of ship it, I dunno. It was creepy, and the TV lady was like "HUNGRRRY" which was odd and creepy. And the whole no face thing. I thought it was just kind of a weird episode. But I loved the family part, and the whole Union Jack thing that Rose did to the father.

THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET and THE SATAN PIT- ahhhhh I still get the creeps from this one. The ram beast thing wasn't that scary, but the whole possessing thing still scares me. Um. Yeah. I don't have much else to say about this one. It was scary.

LOVE & MONSTERS- Okay, this one was just plain weird. Seriously. It is by far the weirdest Who episode I have ever seen. I really wish that Jackie hadn't found the picture of Rose in the guy's pocket because he was really trying to take care of Jackie, really. And the end was interesting, but I did like the bits where he danced. It was funny.

FEAR HER- This one was a bit odd (OOD). The whispering was really scary, but I loved that Rose was the one who saved the day this time. Also, I couldn't stop laughing at the olympics thing. BECAUSE IT ALREADY HAPPENED I JUST CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Yeah. I really really really loved the Rose came to the rescue in this one rather than the Doctor though.


I was mad at Torchwood because WHERE IS MY JACK HARKNESS SERIOUSLY but when the lady turned into a Cyber and she "did her duty for queen and country" I liked that. Because she was so set on it that even being a Cyber didn't affect it. That was a big thing for me. Kind of an undernoticed quote.

It was heartbreaking to see the Doctor walk away from the wall, but the thing is, he had to. CURSE OF THE TIMELORDS WHYYYYY
ugh my heart I can't say anymore.

SO. S2, pretty good. I think S1 was a little better? Maybe it's just because I prefer Eccleston. But Ten is brilliant.

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