You may look at this title and think,"what?!". When you get to know me, you will find out exactly what this means and who they are. They are all the world to me and I don't know how I would live without them. Everyone but the last ended in some way, the age or the style, but the last one is still perfect, except for an injury behind her ear and makes her head shy. I call her my blue ribbon girl cause we love to win together. Now, you should probably know that these are all horses that I've loved for years now, but every one of them ended in some way. Clark grew old and rusty, and became a flat only horse, but I still love him. The main reason why this ended is because of an accident, which in I slipped off of him, and he was a immense horse. So, I simply moved onto Misha, or Mr. Wonderful, his show name. I loved him so much but he became to beginner. Also, I was going to ride him in my very first show, but he tends to follow and all of his spots were taken in the show. Lastly, Butterscotch, or Scotches, Naturally blonde (Show Name), or butter which everyone calls her since Butter couldn't fit on her name tag. I started riding her when i was trying to move on from Misha and trying other horses. I tried her, loved her, and we are going for high point in october.

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