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#ployvore #AlexanderMcQueen #viviennewestwood #plaid 
This set is dedicated to the latest Polyvore Member Spotlight @core 
I enjoyed her interview so much, but, after posting my comment I moved on, like all of us do, trying to catch up with enjoying and liking other's sets.
She tagged me and others to thank us for the likes and comments, so, while at her spotlight interview again, I decided to check out the designers and trends she enjoys.
And that's how this set evolved.
I created the set with her style in mind, ( although she commented her wardrobe has many blazers, a blazer would have been better, but I LOVE that jacket ) with a touch of one of my favorite designers Alexander McQueen :-)
2 thumbs up to @polyvore-editorial for selecting this Poly member for the spotlight, and 2 thumbs up to @core for a fabulous interview
Best wishes, Linda
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