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  • Classicon - Sedan Chair
    Classicon - Sedan Chair
    The designers Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu designed a chair, which is very attractive because of the weightless and elegant shape: The Sedan Chair. Like usual, the design duo focussed on the interplay of opposites and the contrast between frame and seat. The seat and the frame are made of different materials, which complete each other harmonically and transmit exciting opposites at a time. Very classic is how Sedan appears when it is chosen with a white plastic set and a wooden base of oak wood. The frame is made of massive wood and therefore very resistant. Lacquered, the wood is protected from influences and it shines with an elegant finish. The curved seat of polyurethane adapts to the straight-lined frame of massive wood. A high level mix of materials. The Sedan series by neri&hu is ideally suitable to be used in both private and public rooms. Elegant chairs with character. Comfortable and very stylish. Available in more colours.
  • ClassiCon - Bibendum Armchair
    ClassiCon - Bibendum Armchair
    Bibendum is a one of a kind. Nowhere in the history of design will one find an armchair that compares to this. It is captivatingly harmonious despite its size and unites a majestic impressiveness with charm and esprit like no other leather armchair. Eileen Gray underscored the character of her endearing parlour lion with twinkling irony, she named it after the Michelin man, whose form this armchair calls to mind. The Bibendum Armchair is also available in other colours and fabric versions, auch as Manila, Divina, Epingle, white cushion faric and leather.
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