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good morning everyone <33 hope you're doing well today, may the day be kind to everyone. it's strangely sunny and clear this morning, despite the shi* storm last night. it was practically a monsoon. the rain and wind was so intense, i could barely see across the street, plus parts around and in my neighbourhood got partially flooded. the worst rain storm i've seen in recent memory. absolutely. it doesn't usually rain like that over here, so i was a little terrified by it o_o some streets looked like rivers because of the rainfall. that was so extreme, i'm just glad i came home from camping before that oh my gosh. 

day 14; 10 ways to win your heart.

1. just be sweet; remember little things and details about me. that's the surefire way to win my heart.
2. be good with kids, or at least better than me with kids haha, here's a good example;
3. give me food. that's another surefire for me to like you.
4. don't be a jerk. that's kinda obvious. you have to treat people nicely for them to like you. 
5. pleasant humour. 
6. if you can put up with me. honestly i'm kinda annoying so props to you if you put up with me. 
7. if you hug me a lot? i don't know i just really like hugs hehe. 
8. sass.
9. humbleness (is that a word lol) really conceited people just irritate me ugh ;;
10. kinda goes without saying, but if you treat me like i'm the only one. and if you're genuine about it. 

really though, number one is actually the most important trait to me. these traits can apply to an ideal type or friends as well. 

Have a good day to everyone today~ :))))
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Gorgeous !!! Congrats ♥

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Congrats dear!

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Queens of Style

Queens of Style

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Fashion lovers!

Fashion lovers!

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Fashion MY Way

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Freeze you out

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Best of 2015

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