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IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING! The fashion, home and artistic site with just a mild modest touch to keep it classy while staying sassy!
CLASSY: STYLISH AND SOPHISTICATED, ELEGANT & GRACEFUL. This is a group for those of us with just a touch of modesty as well as a love for Polyvore sets that are classy and well composed.
SASSY: LIVELY, BOLD, CHEEKY, FULL OF SPIRIT, FOWARD, SAUCY. You can be fashionable and trendy and stylish and crazy even but with class and sophistication.
Be sure to do your best (although not always easy) to ensure all the items in your set have links to where they can be purchased and credit the artist/seller.
* NO crop tops, bralettes/halter tops that show the bare tummy. Crop tops should neatly meet the top of pants, jeans, skirt, worn with high waisted pants/skirts or have a top underneath.
• No Kardashians, cigarettes, drugs, skulls, tattoos, nudity, sex, swearing, lingerie, underwear, see-through clothing, clothing with too many holes or rips or type with things like "thug life" or "obey", etc. or negative language.
• One Direction/Disney/Animation sets are sometimes accepted as long as they are fashion, beauty, art, or interior design oriented and sophisticated and well composed. This goes the same with celebrity sets.
• NO "short" shorts. Keep the shorts at a classy hemline with no major rips and tears.
• Skirts and dresses are the same-not too short.Skater skirts mini skirts, etc. not SO short please. Ok if shown with leggings and tights.
• Only MODEST swim suits.
• Strapless tops/dresses, one sided tops/dresses and tops/dresses with spaghetti straps must have a modest and appropriate neckline (no super cleavage, please) or plunging necklines that show too much.
• Jeans that are very ripped up and too tight are not a good fit for this particular group.
• We love artistic expression-backgrounds, details, etc. are very desired here! By all means-express yourself but KEEP IT CLASSY! =)
• Sets need to have good solid classy well thought out composition or they may be rejected.
NO ADVERTISING. Any member who joins only to submit sets to advertise their products for sale will be promptly removed.
Thank you!! With love, mk-style
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