Hi girlies ♥ @stereograce here (:

So I don't have difficulties cleaning my room, but I found that a lot of people do.

STEP O1 ; ♥
-Put your sweats and a comfy tee on, gotta be comfortable!
-Turn on some jams! I don't recommend the radio because they play the same songs over and over and have WAAY too many commercials which will keep you occupied with constantly changing the station. Don't go to youtube either. You have to keep changing the songs. Go to hypster.com and make an account. ♥ its COMPLETELY free. Search songs and make a playlist of fun happy songs. Two songs that REAALLY pump me up are ; Starships by Nicki Minaj & Wild Ones by Flo Rida ♥ Once your playlist is made go to your profile and put it on shuffle then play!

-Start with your bed. Clean everything off your bed besides the sheets. Put on your bed spread & then decorate your bed with your pillows.(: 
-Now the floor. Get EVERY THiNG out from under your bed besides totes that are storing things. Then pick clothing items up off the floor and put things that go in your dresser and fold them into piles on your bed (ex. one stack of shorts, one stack of jeans, tees, etc.) then put them in your drawers. Hang up things that need to as you go in your closet(: Once every things picked up off the floor, vacuum your room.
-Okay so tables, desk tops, and dressers get cluttered with things too, right? So what you need to do is decide where things go. If you have a hairbrush and bathroom items in your room, go put it in your bathroom. If you have pencils on your desktop, put them in the desk drawers or in the pencil holders(: The only things that should be on your desk is your computer, maybe some photos and pencil organizers/holders. So I don't know about you, but I throw so much junk on my dresser tops. The only things that SHOULD be there is a lamp, photos and a TV if you have one.
•ORGANiZiNG { optional }
-Your closet. Okay so I like color organizing(: Take everything hanging out of your closet. Put everything thats black together. Then white. Then pink. Then purple. etc. 
-Shoess. Okay so I store my shoes in my closet. take out all the shoes and organize them by SHOE TYPE. Sandals together, boots together, athletic shoes together, heels together, etc. 

•DECORATiNG { an add on to the tip } (:
-Okay so your dressers need some flare right? Go to the dollar store and get some cute frames and put photos of friends and family in them(: or you can just find cute pictures to print out and put in there.
-Walls look so weird bare. So get some strings of christmas lights that your family DOESN'T use anymore and swoop them along your walls. It looks so cute!

-Hope this helps, xo ♥
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