hello ladies! 
school is starting soon, and NO ONE wants to go to school with acne. summer is also when your skin breaks out more often because of your pores getting clogged with sweat and dirt and etc. here are some tips that really work!

o1. Olive Oil
 Now please don't get this mixed up with vegetable oil or canola oil. Make sure it says Olive Oil on the label. Now you might think it's a little strange applying oil to your skin when it already creates natural oils. For the best results, pour a small amount of olive oil onto your hands, and quickly massage deep into your skin before it seeps through your fingers! Keep rubbing into your face, especially on the areas effected with acne. It might feel a little weird at first, you can almost feel the olive cleansing your skin. Wait for three-four minutes, and then take a towel and soak it in HOT water, or just run it through a faucet with hot water. {Make sure it won't burn your skin though} Let the steamy towel pull impurities out of your skin, and rest it on your skin. Then, use the cooled towel to wipe off the remaining oil. 
 ***I tried this earlier today, and my skin feels so soft. Even my hands feel soft from just having a little oil on them. My acne seems like it's getting less and less red and half it's size. 

o2. Oatmeal
 Oatmeal is naturally high in vitamins so it is perfect for reducing inflammation and redness. Soak a cup of oatmeal in a cup of boiling water. After the oatmeal has cooled, apply it to your face and GENTLY massage your skin. After two minutes, remove with a damp towel. 

o3. Honey
 Honey is one of the most famous home remedies of acne. It contains antibacterial properties and can hydrate the skin. Massage natural honey onto your skin and let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Wash off with warm water. This would be nice during a nice bath too :)

o4. Salt Water
 Take a small cup, such as a dixie cup, and fill it about 3/4 of the way full. Make sure the water is lukewarm. Take salt and dump some in. You need much more than you think you need. Take a cotton ball and dunk it in the water. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then squeeze out access water until it is damp, and not dripping. Place exactly on the area where you have acne, and wait three minutes. The acne may look like it is gone, but really, that is just the top layer! Repeat the same steps but instead of directly placing it on the acne, place it once a little to the left and another time a little to the right. 
***This is also great for removing acne scars!

 Believe it or not, beauty sleep is actually a real thing. Your body needs time to replenish itself, and without enough rest, your body will be tired, stressed, and unable to complete tasks as easily. This stress on your body causes more acne! YET too much sleep isn't very good for you either!

 Like sleep, too much chocolate is NOT good for your skin, but so little can go so far. Dark chocolate is especially good for your skin!

o7. Safe Products
 Use products that are safe for your skin, and watch out for ones containing SFS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Check the labels, and don't be afraid to do some research. 

o8. Rubbing Alcohol
 This is a great way for small blemishes that you need to get rid of on the spot. Although this doesn't do well with large areas of acne or even a large zit, it can help stop a small pimple from getting bigger! Rubbing alcohol, aka the stuff Claire's gives you for your piercings, with dry out the acne quickly. Just dump a small amount on a cotton ball, apply to the acne, and you are good to go! 

i hope i could help you lovely ladies with your skin! after all, happy skin leads to a happy girl! ♥ 

xo Taylor

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