Are your items a mess?
Too busy/lazy to organize them?

Well allow me to be of assistance!

What will happen is you have to pm me your password, (i promise i won't do anything else!) & i will go on your account & organize your items for you!

How I will organize your items:
-bottoms (& then pants, skirts, shorts)
-shoes (& then heels, boots, sandals, & flats)
-fillers (& then all the colours)
-bags & purses
-text & quotes
-outlines & frames

& i will allow 2 categories that you ask me too.

THE PRICE (after i organize): 100 set likes.
(an easy way to do this is look through my collections. It's so much easier liking sets in those)

so PM me!!

& if you could be a dear & like this set, just so more people can see it.


(also if there are a lot of requests, i might not get around to do them all, so sorry in advance)

tag list; (i normally wont tag you guys in these type of sets but just in case)

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Wrote 4 years ago
@zoe-bell Sure! just pm me your password :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Is it too late ? I would Love this! ❤

Wrote 4 years ago
Awhhh, this is such a great idea (:
Haha but my items are super organized already xD So maybe next time ;D

Wrote 4 years ago
@jackiejonas just pm me your password!


everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

Biggest and most popular group on Polyvore, EOP is the group to join if you want your sets featured and seen.

Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

Teenagers on Polyvore! (T.o.P)

Teenagers on Polyvore is a group for teenagers (obviously). :D There are constant contests, encompassing fashion, art, different themes, etc. Enter your sets and have a fun time! That's what this group is all about. ♥
Please note:
~ We will not advertise sets/collections/groups for any members if asked. We will only do it if we find the opportunity ourselves and want to advertise.
~ Contests are judged fairly by the moderators. Sets are chosen because we believe they should win. All entries are looked at when judging.
~ PM .Elizabeth. (samariee! is not on Polyvore anymore) if you have any questions or concerns.

d r e a m l a n d ♥ polyvore support group!

d r e a m l a n d ♥ polyvore support group!

help make polyvore a [ BETTER ] & more entertaining place to make friends !♥
the group will be for advertising & making friends and loads of challenges & ideas !
made 08/10/09 by lovelaugh.

Nonstop Contests

Nonstop Contests

In this group we have contests right after another, so you can always depend on this group for a contest! :)
The most amount of entries this group has gotten in a contest is: 45,433 entries.
Lets keep submitting entries in every contest, to try and make that number even bigger!

Unpopular Polyvorians- UNITE!

Unpopular Polyvorians- UNITE!

Unpopular Polyvorians- UNITE!
Hi Everyone And Welcome(:
We Want Unpopular People On Polyvore To Get Noticed Or Appreciated Since Some REALLY Amazing Sets Are Just Ignored And It's Just Not Right. If You Have A Set That Needs Faves Or Just To Get Better Known, Then Submit It And People Can Come Here And See It. It's Like Free Publicity!
Any Set Is Welcomed!
Announcement Readers:
Much love from the moderators:
And The Creator Of This Group, ♥
We currently have over 1,900 members and 53,000 sets and I just want to say thank you soo much! I never thought this group would get so huge! I just want to say that every single one of you Polyvorians out there are original and creative in their very own unique way and just because you don't have hundreds of set likes, doesn't mean your sets aren't good. This group was meant for you (and me!). You all are the best! Keep making them sets! :))


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