"The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven."
JOHN MILTON, Paradise Lost

Just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, lies the small prestigious town of Carmel. Carmel is full of important people and high-end couture shops. It’s residents live in sprawling mansions and have lunch at overpriced cafes. Everything in Carmel seems perfect, normal. But on the outskirts of Carmel, there’s an all-girls boarding school. It’s named after the patron saint of those who suffer from nervous or mental afflictions. So it’s only natural that St. D’s holds all the trouble. St. D’s isn’t a school for rebels, it isn’t a school for careless dropouts. It’s a school that everyone talks about, a school where everyone wants to go. 
You may be sent there because you were chosen. You may be sent there because you were forced. Either way, the St. D’s girls are held in very high honors. They receive national recognition for their sports skills and academic abilities. Some of them try for these awards, some of them don’t. All in all, there are two definite groups of St. D’s. The girls who try their best, the ones who like to smile, the ones who like to be friendly… Those are the Saints. Then there are those who trash talk everyone, the ones who hate school, the ones who were sent there because their family couldn’t stand them, the ones who have scandalous backgrounds… Those are the Sinners.
And at St. D’s, there is no in-between. x

JOIN NOW. There are tons of well-written characters and I'm sure you'll have to pick ONE of them ;DD !
Advert sets are greatly appreciated.
We'll start once we have an adequate amount of members ;))
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