DISCLAIMER: I do not own any The Clique characters, they are rightfully owned by Lisi Harrison and pick-a-poppy. Claire's POV: Everyone woke up with a car door slam. It passed a day and a few hours. We stopped at 3 restaurants along the way. "We're here," Massie's driver, Issac said. It was June 3rd, as I remember from the last restaurant. I looked at my black Hello Kitty watch. 8:47. We jumbled out of the car and walked to the Palm Woods, a new hotel from last year. It was very big! "Massie, what room are we in?" I asked my best friend. "I don't know ask... ask.... Issac," Massie said groggily. "Room 1412," Issac said answering my question," on the 14th floor out of 15." "Yay! We are on one of the top floors. I heard that Miley Cyrus and Taylor Lautner stayed here," Dylan said. I nodded. "And, rumor has it Demi Lovato, Jessica Simpson, AND Justin Bieber are at this hotel right now for 1 week. Because of a new movie their shooting," Kristen said giving her information. We all screamed. Dirty looks and shh's came from angry visitors. " I would kill to meet Demi Lovato. Her outfits on Sonny With A Chance are ah-dorable. But the show sucks," Massie said in the elevator. " And I would love for my glossy lips to press against Justin Bieber's soft, lucious, beautiful, extravagant....Sorry, a girl can dream right?" Alica said as she crossed her arms against her full chest. "Whatever, me and Jessica can share makeup tips. I heard that she has to keep her make up in 3 bedrooms!" Dylan giggled as Issac opened the door. The hotel room was huge! There were 3 bedrooms, 3 bath rooms, and full sized kitchen as big as my old houses bathrooms put together 3 times the size. We crooned looking at the beautiful home for us for 1 month. "Okay! Bedroom arrangements are settled. Issac you get the biggest bedroom, Dylan and Kristen you sleep on the left bedroom, and me, Kuh-laire, and Alicia sleep on the right bedroom," Massie announced, " Alicia. Tommorow's schedule." "Ok. We will wake up at 10:00 a.m. and leave the hotel NO LATER than 11:15. 11:25- Chanel. 11:55- Marc Jacobs. 12:25- Lunch at Starbucks. 12:55- Louis Vuitton. 1:25- Drop off Clothes in Hotel room. 1:35- Go to Laguna Beach. 2:35- Go to Hotel Spa: Realaxor. 3:20- Go to Hotel Room: Relax. 3:50- Take Naps. 8:00- Mingle at Mingorinnie's Teen Club. 12:30-Go to hotel room. Our curfew is 1:00. And we have to stay in a group to go anywhere. Questions or Comments?" Alica read, " Oh one more thing. Every shopping trip, each person gets $2,000." "Yes. 1 thing. This is the best road trip ever!" Claire smiled with her new BFF's.

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