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Clodagh Fitzpatrick {23}
Hometown: New Orleans, LA by way of Dublin, Ireland
Previous jobs: Record store clerk, paperback novelist, escort.
Bio: Clodagh has had many faces in her still young life. She grew up in an Irish estate belonging to a medieval duke Once Upon a Time, with an eccentric artist mother who seemed lost in an endless game of pretend. Unlike her mother, Clo is calm, serious, mysterious, always with a cigarette in the crook of her lip. She left for America at age 19 by ship, then by motorcycle, to chase vampires and other sorts of superstitions, researching novels she tried to write in a motel by a swamp. The hurricanes washed her out, and she found herself penniless and desperate until a mysterious and oddly pale handsome man invited her out to diner, and it to the high class life of a for-hire escort. Clo has flown back and forth between the deep south and upstate New York at the arms of the rich and famous, and though no one knows who she is, not yet, her face alone is beginning to become a myth, whispered over one champagne glass to the other--Do you know who that is? This modeling thing, it might just be another face of hers, or it might be all part of the plan.
Model: Toni Garrn

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Wrote 4 years ago
wait this is so pretty i am in love


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