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Collab with @sarahstardom not the biggest fan of this set. I like the story though it is a long read

Grace Milton; September 15

I was heading down the stairs to the kitchen to get something a drink when I noticed the light was on in Ally's room and she was curled up on her bed reading. Completely changing my course of direction entirely I headed for her room, no one else was around, seemingly out at the frat party or with their significant other.
I knocked on the door lightly to alert her to my presence “Ally, hey.” I smiled lightly as she looked up at me in surprise.

“Hey,” She smiled back in reply, though in that small shy way she had.

“So you’re not at the frat party?” I asked her with a mischievous grin, fully entering the room now, “I’m surprised. I know how much you love parties.”

“Frat parties especially.” She said, closing her book though holding her page with both a bookmark and her finger.

“So is it just parties in general?” I asked, taking the seat next to her and curling up, “Or are you still avoiding a specific guy?” I tried not to pry, she didn’t have to tell me if she didn’t want to but I really wanted Ally (and by extensions Scott) to sort out this awkward. They were to cute not to.

She was silent for a long time before seemingly deciding to be honest with me, which was always nice. "Both" She confessed barely audible, here eyes firmly trained on the cover of her novel.

"I hope you sort this stuff out with Scott" I said, with a kind smile trying to show her I wasn’t prying I was try to help, if she wanted help. "You two are great friends, this can't stand in the way" I added. She nodded in agreement but was silent again.

I didn’t speak, giving her time to decide what to say “I know, I don't know how to confront the issue" she finally said, about as hesitantly as I’d ever heard anyone sound as she made eye contact with me. "I can't describe everything that is wizzing around in my brain" She shook her head. I bet it was her giant crush on the guy. I wasn’t going to bring it up though.

Instead I reached towards her and hugged her, not sure if it was going to help but not sure what else to do “ Aw, Ally" I said sympathetically. But the second the words left my mouth I realised how condescending they sounded. From the little frown on her face that’s how she’d interpreted them also. Well shoot.

"I'm sorry" I apologised profusely, scooting back to my original spot and shooting her a gentle smile that I hope was apologetic. She shook her head, in a way I would almost say was the beginning of hysterics.

"I'm the most awkward person ever!" She explained loudly and out of the blue. Now she was worried about upsetting me which was ridiculous.

"Ally, stop saying that. You're not awkward." I insisted. She looked up at me then with one of those ‘are-you-serious’ looking she had perfected. Seriously the girl could be surprisingly sassy.

"Okay, maybe, a little bit" I paused holding up my fingers close together but with a small gap between them, "but only an teeny weeny bit."

“More than a teeny bit.” She just looked so sad and depressed and I didn’t know how to make it better. I felt utterly terrible for bringing it up, but now I had to fix it.

“No, everyone’s awkward Ally,” I told her completely honestly “I mean some of the stories I could tell you about my awkward human interactions.” I shook my head with a laugh.

“You’re just saying that.” Seriously someone needed to give that girl some self-confidence soon (and I was totally hoping it would be Scott, though I’d never tell her that)

“No I’m not,” I laughed, deciding if a story would help. Well it couldn’t make it any worse, so why the hell not, plus hopefully shift her embarrassment slightly “When I first found out Thomas was friend with Karl I marched up to his dorm and gave him this huge lecture about how Karl was a dick and a bad influence and even if he was handsome and sometimes charming I didn’t want him associating with him.” I paused blushing at the memory.

Ally was watching me curiously, “He heard didn’t he?” She asked, eyes slightly wider than usual. “Oh yes. I hadn’t even noticed that he was in the room. He didn’t eavesdrop he was actually in the room and I didn’t notice.” I shook my head, remembering past Grace’s utter stupidity, “Needless to say I wanted to sink into the floor.”

“But things worked out didn’t they?” She questioned quietly, “You’re friends with Karl now.”

“Not friends exactly,” I shrugged because I wouldn’t exactly call him a friend, “And it took me forever to look him in the eye. To be able to look Thomas in the eye.” I explained, “But yeah things worked out and Karl isn’t a dick to me because maybe he respects me or something, I don’t know.”

“So, what’s the point?” She asked, hopefully almost.

I let out a small laugh at that, “The point is these things sort themselves out and they’re not as bad as we think.” I shrugged before grinning largely, “Also that even someone as perfectly collected and poised as me as awkward human interactions from hell.”

"Thank-you" She said, before surprising me and leaning over to wrap me in a quick hug. Ally wasn’t a touchy feely person so the fact she felt comfortable enough with me to hug me was nice, not gonna lie "I still don't know how I'm going to approach this, uh, situation" she added as she tried to bite off her lower lip

"You mean, you need to approach Scott" I pointed out with a smile, why not just say it as it was "You two could talk at the frat party" I suggested even though I had no plans to ho.

"But-" She began and I cut her off before she had a chance to talk herself out of it before really considering, though I really did need to stop with the cutting people off. I’d start later, when it was less important.

 "Otherwise this will continue for a long time, do you want that?" I questioned, placing me hand over hers and smiling gently again. She didn’t respond, so I prodded gently. "Do you want that?" I asked, squeezing her hand.

She shook her head before seemingly deciding on a course of action, “I like him" She confessed

I debated eternally how to answer that before settling on the obvious "I know you do." 

"How?" she asked, voice high with shock and a tinge of panic

"The way you look at him" I nodded, because Ally was so far from subtle "I can tell you like him."

“Oh.” She looked like the whole world had discovered her darkest fear or something. It probably felt like that actually, “Can everyone tell?” She asked

“I don’t know.” I shrugged because honestly I didn’t. I mean no one had mentioned it to me but maybe they’d all quietly noticed like I had, “But what you really want to know is does he know, isn’t it?” I asked knowingly.

“Yea.” She nodded.

“I don’t know. I mean Scott’s a bit of a puppy so I don’t think so.” I said thoughtfully though you never knew with that boy. I doubt he could pretend not to know so well but that boy had surprised me before. She fell quiet so I smiled again “You don’t have to tell him you know.” I mean she probably wouldn’t anytime soon.

“But I have to talk to him? She questioned me.

“You don’t have to do anything sweetie.” I told her honestly trying my hardest not to come across condescending. Seriously we’d all be here and done this, “But you’ll keep feeling terrible if you don’t talk to him as soon as possible.” That I most defiantly knew from experience.

She nodded, and again leant over for a hug. It must be my lucky day or something, though it let me know I was being helpful which was always nice. I never wanted my advice to bother others "Thank-you for this, for being there for me" she paused, "I don't know what I did to deserve to have a friend like you." 

"The world wants us to be friends” I paused before lowering my voice and adding in a whisper, "the world is very magical like that." I nodded before grinning; "Are you coming to the party with me, then?" I asked excitedly, grabbing her hand. I had a whole plan working out in my head on how to get them talking again (and maybe in the long run together)

"Fine" She agreed reluctantly. My plan was working. I jumped up in excitement, unable to hold in my little scream of happiness (which is actually kinda embarrassing)

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!" I giggled, pulling her up before having a thought, "But" I paused, looking her up and down "You have to wear high heels" Which was pushing my luck but it was a frat party and she needed to get Scott’s attention (though really she didn’t notice she practically did.)

"What? No. Why?" She pouted and stamped her foot. Which was cute

"You have killer legs, girl" I spoke, pushing my luck. Though I would need heels also because I was not dressed for a frat party and not changing, "work 'dem shoes."

“But…” She said. Not exactly sure where she was going with it, I cut her off before she could continue.

“I have some you can borrow, wait here a sec.” I nodded before dashing up the stairs, switching my flats for a pair of heels and shrugging on a jacket, grabbing a second pair of shoes for Ally and dashing back downstairs.

“Here.” I smiled brightly, holding them out toward her as an offering. She hesitantly took them, put them on (her protests were kind of feeble) and then we were off to the party.

“I don’t know if I can do this.” Ally turned to me as we approached the frat house, looking really vulnerable.

“Of course you can.” I grabbed her hands and squeezed them reassuringly, “But if you really don’t think you can we can give up and go home.” I offered, knowing that probably wasn’t going to happen. Hopefully.

She took a deep breath as if steeling herself before shaking her head, “No I can do this.” She sounded pretty confident which was always good.

“Great.” I smiled at her, before grabbing her wrist and gently pulling her into the house. The house filled with sweaty boys and pounding music and all that good stuff that apparently made up the college experience.

I scanned the room, looking for Scoot and when I saw him thinking of a plan so that Ally couldn’t get away from this.

“Hey,” I said, turning to look at her and pretty sure she hadn’t seen Scott yet, “Aria and Liam are over there,” I pointed in the direction of the two, “Maybe they know where he is.”

“Maybe.” She nodded so we headed that way. Except Scott was between those two and us and she wasn’t going to get there. I timed it perfectly, so just when she was within arm distance of Scott I ‘stumbled’, knocking into her. Ally lost her balance on the high heels and went flying. Or would have gone flying if Scott hadn’t shot his arms out to grab her.

“Scott.” I smiled at him widely, interrupting the weird staring session those two had going on, “Just the guy we were looking for.”

“Really?” He asked, adorable furrow between my brows, “Why?”

“Well Ally was looking for you.” I shrugged, ignoring the what were probably meant to be death glares she was shooting me.

“Really?” he repeated, reminding me exactly why everyone thought he was a puppy.

“Yep.” I nodded enthusiastically, “But I think I really need to go rescue Karl.” I nodded to where the poor ass was being terrorised by those slutty twins from that other sorority, not that either of them turned to look, “So I’ll just leave you two kids to talk.” I smirked before actually heading over to rescue Karl because well I was being a saint tonight.

“Alright ladies, back off he’s mine.” I snapped at them as I approached, wrapping an arm around his waist, and totally having a use for my amazing evil glare.

 They scuttled off and Karl leered down at me, “I didn’t know you felt that way.”

“You wish.” I scoffed, untangling my arms and glaring up at him, “I was simply doing you a favour.”

“Who said I wanted a favour.”

“It was written all over your face idiot.” I rolled my eyes because that boy was not as subtle as he thought.

“Why are you legs covered up?” He asked instead, eying my body like the pervy creepy he was, “You’re not really dressed for a frat party.”

“I wasn’t going to come.” I admitted, leaning against the wall next to him and keeping an eye on Ally in case she needed saved. She didn’t appear to, “But I was helping a friend.”

Karl followed my eyesight and laughed, “Playing matchmaker again doll.”

“My names not doll idiot.” I smacked him on the arm, though that only made him laugh harder, “And I was just being a good friend.”

“Oh yea. You’re the best friend.”

“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes because he should really shut up. “Actually come dance with me instead.” I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the sweaty mass of bodies. Maybe I just wanted to let loose and maybe, just maybe I wanted to make Karl uncomfortable.

Or maybe not. After all I wasn’t that cruel, was I?
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Wrote two years ago
@sarahstardom hehehe well considering that I only liked about 500 of your sets last night I have no choice but to forgive you.
Ally + Grace always get up to great Hijinx it's true :3

Wrote two years ago
The amount of love for this cannot be put into words.
And I only just liked it. Wtf is wrong with me?!
<33 Forgive me xx

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Gorgeous, I love the style. xxx.

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