~Parade of Lights, Flash of Light {MY SUMMER JAMMMMM <3}


It’s been forever since I did a real bloggy, and for those of you who like to read them, here is a super long one that will cover some major things I’ve done this past semester (probably not exactly in order) and my random thoughts on certain things, like always :) I will try not to make this too incredibly long as I know you have to read it on the side unless you’re on the app!

1. First, about this set of course, I am obsessed with Allison Williams! She is so flawless. Her cover shoot for Home & Country is one of my favorites; she looks perfect. I don’t watch Girls, but I may have to for her. I think she’s really down-to-earth and gorgeous, and is really smart too! I thought she was hilarious in Funny or Die’s spoof of Prince William and Kate xD #majorgirlcrush ALSO THIS OUTFIT NEEDS TO BE MINE ESPECIALLY THOSE ZARA SANDAL HEELS BECAUSE ZARA HEELS ARE PERF AND I FEEL LIKE THEY’RE ESSENTIAL. And I'll probably use that #vest again because it's so chic. And the #asymmetrical hem of the dress is so interesting. I keep making collections in my drafts of all these perfect essentials but why can’t they be in my real closet now? :((( 
2. Yes, I am so loving Poly adding the hashtag feature. #perf 
3. I AM SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER READING! I have literally not read ANYTHING for fun since finishing Insurgent. I tried to start Delirium but then school and sorority stuff and just life in general got in the way. But since I’ve been writing on Depth so much, and am going to finish it very soon, I am waiting until then to start checking off my summer reading list. I just feel like I should keep my writing separate from my reading just so I don’t involuntarily mess something up, I don’t know if that makes sense, but I don’t want to get confused on my own plotlines and others and yeah this is just my crazy fried brain talking, don’t mind me haha. Anyway, I am a serial reader as many of you know so I have a TON of books I have bought/gotten as a present since Christmas that are waiting to be read! To name a few, I have the whole Delirium trilogy, The Book Thief, Between Shades of Grey, The Maze Runner trilogy, Shadowlands, Twenty Boy Summer (which I never got around to last summer), and several others.
4. I can’t wait for Sarah Dessen’s new book, The Moon and More, coming out in June too! I own and have read every single one of her books. She’s such an inspiration. The only thing I’m annoyed about is that they changed the style of all her book covers and now the new one won’t match all my others. I’m OCD about my books and this is going to irk me forever haha. I guess I should get a Nook or Kindle since I’m running out of space in my bookshelf anyway but I just love actually holding the book… 
5. My summer job starts back up May 28th which is an all-day 8-5 job but I can read at night and on the weekends of course. And also watch Netflix because I have 8 episodes left of Lost, and I’m on season 3 of Supernatural. I am determined to finish SPN this summer and start on more shows haha gotta love Netflix. I like how it’s getting better movies lately too. I have watched almost every Ryan Gosling movie ever now because of the few I’ve seen on Netflix haha #lifegoal
6. Oh speaking of movies, @cool-carefree-nonsense and I watched Immortals the other day, solely for Daniel Sharman even though he had screen time for like less than a minute haha but omg he’s so beautiful… And it wasn’t too bad I guess, I’m not really into Greek mythology too much but Henry Cavill was very gorgeous in it as well, which makes me even more excited for Man of Steel! So many amazing movies coming out this year. If you haven’t seen The Great Gatsby yet, GO SEE IT. I thought it was amazing and Leo deserves all the awards seriously. Everyone was great and it was so over the top I wasn’t sure I was going to like it at first, but it was perfect and the soundtrack is perfect too. Highly recommended, especially if you liked the book like I did! <3
7. Lots of incredible music coming out/recently came out too! GAHHHH. The Maine, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix, The Boxer Rebellion, Michael Bublé, City and Colour… So many! Not to mention I see Mumford & Sons in T-minus 4 months!!!! <333
8. Should I rant about TFIOS casting? Hmmm… I’m going to skip over that mostly but I’m sure most of us share the same sentiments. I’m trying to just wait until the movie comes out or at least a trailer because I believe in John Green of course and what he said about the casting but… I don’t even know anymore. Like I told @istylista, I think Shailene is like the new Molly Ringwald (ahahaha funny since she was her on-screen mom in the show-which-shall-not-be-named) as far as starting up a new Brat Pack with Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort. Sigh… It worked in the 80s… Not so sure it’ll work now? I guess we’ll wait and see. (I just really wanted Joshua Anthony Brand to be Augustus, let me go cry for a million years…) 
9. CAN WE PLEASE SEE MORE DIVERGENT CAST/SET PICS BECAUSE THIS IS A DIRE NEED. Or a trailer, that’d be cool too thanksssss. 
10. CATCHING FREAKING FIRE. #enoughsaid 
11. Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario for The Maze Runner movie? UM HOW ABOUT YESSSSSSSSS. This is why I decided I needed to read the books haha.
12. Kaya in Emanuel and The Truth About Fishes? MUST SEE NOW. OMG. Kaya is just my favorite omg. I also want to see The Bling Ring because Emma Watson + Sofia Coppola = AWESOME. 
13. This video made me laugh so much oh my gosh, LAHWF videos are the best. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IppaQSxbp_Y
14. One Direction doing a stadium tour 2014 is so amazing but can the boys please have some time off? Even major bands/singers that have been doing this a long time don’t tour every year. I think the boys are going to get overworked too much. Poor babies :( though I am so proud of them! Le sigh. 
15. If you don’t know who A Silent Film, Milo Greene, Morning Parade, Gold Fields, The Neighbourhood, or Atlas Genius are, you need to. Some of the best not well-known bands of right now I think!! Also you probably know Walk The Moon because I advertised them a lot since their album came out ahaha but they’re legit awesome sauce. 
16. Soooo should I talk about my sorority’s spring formal now? :) I know a lot of you were wondering. Okay so I had a date (my brother’s best friend that’s my age, not a boyfriend or anything) who’s in the Army National Guard so he wore his dress blues and I wore this dress in charcoal: http://www.dillards.com/product/Blondie-Nites-OneShoulder-Dress_301_-1_301_503322171?df=03831753_zi_black and these shoes in red: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/nine+west+elise+patent+pump+?prodId=dsw12prod4080202. As it was called a formal, I expected it to be like a banquet-type, like sit-down and such. Well, we got to the park where we all met up for pictures and where the bus was taking us to the event center. We waited forever and then once we finally got there… It was not exactly what I was expecting. It was more like a date party, just a dance floor with this DJ that was playing weird music, a couple tables, open bar (they checked IDs of course), strobe lights, and actually really good food though. So yeah basically all it was was everyone dancing to rap music and that was not what I thought it was going to be. Alas, it was fun because it was technically my first date ever and I got to dress up (I even straightened my hair! Which takes like an hour and it’s so super long when it’s straight) and we danced a little bit but we’re not exactly the dancing type. Mostly we (my date along with a few of my sisters and their dates who didn’t really dance either) ate and talked (or well, shouted over the music) and tried to take pictures in the dark. Haha I guess it was better than senior prom but I wish it had been more formal like I thought. 
17. As for school-school, well I told you all in my last set that I made straight As my whole first year of college :))) I enjoyed my Philosophy and Psychology classes for the most part, they were really interesting and actually help my writing! Because, as those of you who read Depth and/or MTW, I like to write about crazy people! Haha so psychology helps with that and philosophy is just really in depth about the mind and humanity and yeah. I had good professors too. My astronomy class was kinda boring but it was cool to use the telescopes and see the stars and planets outside since it was my night class. Hopefully in the fall I get to take a class toward my major though, I’m still waiting to get in. It would be News Writing if I’m able to get in, which obviously goes toward my Journalism major. I’m also considering minoring in business/marketing but I’m not sure yet. 
18. What annoys me is trying to sell back books though. They change the edition like every other year so you can’t sell them back or get little money for them! Ugh, I got $5 for both my Humanities books :/ So for those of you going into college, if possible, maybe rent your books. I buy mine because my scholarship covers most of them but if you rent them (and don’t damage them and turn them in on time) then you’re not out as much money. 
19. So my family and I are going back to Colorado this summer (this will be our… fifth time I believe?) and I’m so excited! One of my favorite vacation places. I can’t wait this year even more so because I have an iPhone this time and can take some awesome pictures :)) which means if you follow me on Instagram, end of June I will be flooding your feed with Colorado haha. We’ll be staying in a condo in Breckenridge, which is our favorite spot. Even though we’ve been there before and know some good places to go, if you live there/around there or anything, let me know some of the places we should check out that maybe only locals know about! <33 Thanks in advance! 
20. My cousin graduates high school tomorrow so I have to get ready to watch that for like 3 hours… It was different last year when I was the one graduating (haha whoa that seems so long ago!) but now… Her older brother who I had to sit through the year before me has to be there too, naturally, so perhaps we will just go old school and play Nintendogs on his Nintendo DS. Haha we’re such adults aren’t we? 

Okay this is probably way too long and I’m probably still forgetting things that I want to blog about haha but if you read all of this, you get a virtual cupcake made by yours truly because I make some yummy cupcakes <33 I’m now off to Family Movie Night I guess? We’re rewatching all the Pixar movies in a row. Then I’ll be back later to catch up on my activity! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Good luck to everyone who is taking finals and finishing up school! :))) 

xx Taylor 

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